• Increase availability and reliability
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime
  • Gain a greater understanding of conditions in the kiln
  • Get ahead on maintenance tasks
  • Reduce OPEX

Optimise the kiln, optimise the whole process

Your kiln experiences incredibly harsh conditions – it’s not surprising that it is subject to wear and tear. The challenge lies in identifying where problems are arising before they get serious enough to shut down the plant. Everyone wants to avoid the stress and expense of unplanned downtime.

With online condition monitoring services for kilns, you have the ability to gather data and insights that were previously unavailable through third-party inspections. It’s the difference between treating the same symptoms over and over and identifying the root cause of kiln problems. A difference that can save you significant time and money.

Data plus expertise 

Our services are focused on coupling data with expert oversight. We don’t just install sensors and leave you to it – the experts at our 24/7 Global Remote Service Center help interpret the data and provide actionable insights so you can optimise kiln performance and be proactive with kiln maintenance.

Online condition monitoring flowsheet

The online condition monitoring services for kilns come in two packages – Level I and Level II

Level I
Level I package includes bearing monitoring, hydraulic thrust device monitoring, kiln drive monitoring and CemScanner integration. With these services you can reduce wear on rotating parts, improve component life, identify leaks, etc. You can also get to the bottom of kiln problems and react quickly to signs of hot spots and refractory failure. 
Level II
With the Level II package, you get additional sensors that enable you to continuously monitor kiln crank, kiln shell ovality, kiln drive misalignment and axial balance. With this package, most of the well-known measurements from a hot kiln alignment will be monitored all the time – enabling you to schedule the hot kiln alignment when it is most needed And providing you insights that were previously not available.  

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