• Longer lasting filter bags
  • Improved baghouse performance and efficiency
  • Optimum filter bags inventory management
  • Reduced operating costs

Proactive filter bag management

With plants working around the clock to meet market demands, maintaining a well-run baghouse system can be a challenge. You are balancing costs, reliability and performance – and weighing all that against the risk of non-compliance. Online condition monitoring services can take on some of the burden of that responsibility. By closely monitoring filter bags you can develop a maintenance strategy that precisely meets the needs of your system.

The service measures and monitors the mechanical wear of filter bags. Our team of experts uses advanced tools to enhance data visualization and trending by aggregating information such as alarm history and alarm prioritisation, and integrating that data with an automatic case management system. But it isn’t just more data. It's a service that provides you with data and our expertise, resulting in more insight. 

We are offering two packages  - you decide !


We monitor the ready available signals which are the key for filter bags operation:

  • Life cycle counter: actual vs total bag life cleaning shots
  • Filter running hours in various operating modes
  • Filter inlet temperature
  • Gasflow or system operating load
  • Differential pressure
  • Cleaning system pressure 

Note: adjusted depending on signals available in the existing installation


It provides additional diagnostic insights for trouble-shooting
activities (*):

  • Burst bag detector -  bag wear tracking
  • Valve failure percentage monitoring
  • + Level I  package values

(*) the installation of additional sensors and FLSmidth SPC-EVO II Controller may be required.

Save money on spare parts

Poor monitoring and inadequate planning in baghouse systems often lead to overestimating the amount of spare parts needed, including filter bags, cages, and cleaning valves. This results in unnecessary costs that increase tangible fixed assets. A data-led spare parts plan avoids those excess costs, while still ensuring you have everything you need. 
  • Mechanical wear monitoring
  • Predictive filter bag failure trends
  • Predictive cleaning valve failure trends

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