key benefits

  • Ensure optimal operation and productivity
  • Immediate access to specialist support
  • Preventative maintenance by specialists
  • Specialists and services to complement your own staff and skills 

Comprehensive maintenance and support agreement for peace of mind 

Your daily work is complex: you must continuously meet demands to improve safety, environmental compliance, energy consumption, run-time and product quality. To meet your targets, you must look after your process and quality control systems.


Get piece of mind


Your automation equipment and software is fully supported; a PlantLine™ process control service agreement includes:


  • Process optimisation service agreements
  • Quality control systems service agreements

It’s an agreement that will save you valuable time and resources, helping plant managers and operators make the most of the systems.


You decide how little or how much service you want


You can customise your subscription from year-to-year – by choosing a combination of the following modules:


  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Preventative maintenance visits
  • Performance monitoring and remote optimisation
  • Engineering service
  • Managed antivirus

With a service agreement for your process and quality control systems, you get:


  • A service team of automation specialists
  • A team of dedicated PlantLine™ service agreement managers
  • Prioritised support from research and development
  • Secure communication technology
  • Incident tracing

Stay connected


To keep you updated in real-time regarding your plant trends, operation, processes and performance around-the-clock, you can use our dedicated app. You’ll receive plant information directly on your portable device.

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