Key benefits 

  • Enhance plant productivity with the highest possible reliable conveying capacity
  • Reduce equipment downtime and minimise the risk of conveying pipe blockages
  • Lower energy consumption and the cost of operation
  • Easily upgrade your equipment and system
  • Take advantage of industry-leading material and workmanship warranties

Maintain and enhance your pneumatic conveying and storage systems

Pneumatic conveying is at the core of your material handling system. From initial installation to repairs, upgrades, and preventative maintenance, we offer you tailored cost-effective services to ensure optimised pneumatic systems. Use our expertise to help maintain and enhance your equipment, while reducing the cost of operation.


Through years of innovation and experience, we’ve developed a vast global pool of specialist engineering resources, unique within the market, so we can fully support you at every stage of your operational process.


Project planning and implementation for pneumatic systems

Thinking of converting, extending, or modernising your pneumatic system? We support all phases of your project from customer-specific consulting, including on-site visits, to planning and engineering. You can rely on us for on-time order processing and installation and commissioning, including the transfer of the ready-for-production system to your site.

Resolving pneumatic conveying challenges

We offer programmes and services to optimise your equipment and save you money. Take advantage of expert inspection, evaluation and maintenance of all your pneumatic conveying and storage solutions. We can provide supervision only, or alternatively, the full team for the job: 

On-site advisory service

Get advisory, diagnostic, and hands-on services for all your pneumatic conveying equipment. We can advise your maintenance team, using their own tools, on simple and complex procedures. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • System and equipment installation, start up, and upgrades
  • Troubleshooting
  • Reports for required spare parts or suggested upgrades
  • Supervision or complete site management including safety, quality and planning
  • Fuller-Kinyon® Pump and Ful-Vane™ Compressor inspections/repairs
  • Fuller-Kinyon® Pump screw conversions and replacements
  • Ful-Lube™ inspections and adjusting lube rate
  • Pneu-Flap™ installation and maintenance
  • SK™ Valve spring linkage retrofits on motor-operated valves
  • Functional checks of MÖLLER® valves, booster chambers and other MÖLLER equipment, including the exchange of worn parts and maintenance  
Equipment exchange programmes 

Our equipment exchange programmes, include:

Ful-Vane™ Compressor – exchange worn and exhausted Ful-Vane compressors for new or factory-reconditioned and warranted replacements. Delivery is fast because we manufacture and maintain large inventories. Every exchanged compressor meets strict manufacturing and quality standards, and includes a “same-as-new” 4-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Fuller-Kinyon® (FK) bearing housing – exchange worn 3-piece ‘M‘ pump bearing housing assemblies for new warranted replacements. Our “hot swap” is a fully-assembled FK Pump bearing housing for the 3-piece screw design. It comes as a complete assembly including new seals, bushings and bearings, and is pre-lubricated.


Fuller-Kinyon pump screw – exchange your worn screw for a discount on a new screw. 


Take advantage of our highly qualified service team, consisting of specialists with years of experience in a broad range of disciplines. We can train your employees on site, conduct on-the-job training and offer service contracts for personnel deployment.


We’ll also come to you with our mobile training seminar, designed to help plant engineers and maintenance professionals to:

  • Understand the principles of pneumatic conveying
  • Troubleshoot systems and equipment
  • Perform best maintenance practices on Fuller-Kinyon® pumps, Ful-Vane™ compressors, MÖLLER ® valves, and other pneumatic conveying equipment. 
System audits 

To help reduce maintenance and downtime and generally increase overall plant efficiency, we can audit your pneumatic system. This can be as part of a regular audit or as a mini-audit that just concentrates on your pneumatic conveying equipment.


A mini-audit takes into account your time constraints and avoids a shut down. It’s a 20-minute visual inspection of each Fuller-Kinyon® pump, Ful-Vane™ compressor, and/or pressure vessel system with corresponding components. We’ll visually observe and assess your equipment in operation, without disassembling, checking the system operation, main component parts and recommended protective accessories. You receive a report with our observations, recommendations, and suggestions to guide you in improving your conveying system.  

Parts stocking programme 

Having critical spare parts readily accessible in your storeroom for immediate use is essential for continued, efficient operation. We maintain extensive stocks of spare parts for all major MÖLLER®, KOVAKO®, and Fuller® products, so you are ideally equipped.


Whether its parts required for normal preventative maintenance or for an emergency, our stocking programme can develop an agreed-upon inventory of specific spare parts especially for your facility. We own the inventory until its use, so your capital is not tied up in spare parts. 

Customer assistance when you need it 

We offer expert customer support including a Customer Assistance hotline, manned by service engineers, ready to help you with your pneumatic system. Our remote maintenance – MÖLLER® M2M Remote Access – to PLCs, drives and HMI devices, means we can seamlessly ensure your equipment is running optimally. 

Assembly foremen, commissioning engineers and electrical engineers can help you on-site for inspections, installation and commissioning, or for troubleshooting and fault correction if there is an emergency. 

You can expect assistance and versatile problem-solving with pneumatic conveying systems of all types. Take advantage of priority shipments for fast delivery on parts, and industry-leading warranties on materials and workmanship, so you can fully rely on the equipment and our services.

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