• Produce more at lower cost, guaranteed
  • Turn uncertain costs into predefined fees
  • Improve the quality of your products
  • Increase your operational and process know-how
  • Continuously improve your business results

O&M partnership to gain a sustainable competitive advantage 

Whether you want to get expert assistance for the entire operation and maintenance of your plant or you are looking to add extra efficiency to a particular part of your operation, we have a solution that is right for you.

Why do you need an O&M partner?

Collaborate with a partner you can trust to improve your plant. By building a partnership with us, you can take advantage of what we do best. At the centre of all our operation and maintenance services is the goal of adding value to your business.


Trust our O&M packages to help you:

  • Produce more – achieve maximum operation at a sustainable rate.
  • Produce at lower cost – stabilise production, reduce energy consumption, perform preventative maintenance.
  • Produce reliably – improve product quality, minimise unforeseen downtime, rely on performance guarantees.
  • Produce responsibly – develop local resources, prioritise health & safety, reduce environmental impact.

Integrate world-class management with your own capabilities

You can use us to supplement your own capabilities, fill knowledge-gaps, and support any weak areas.

We offer the following flexible O&M modules to meet your needs:


  • Online support centre – run your plant more efficiently and build staff competence with remote support and productivity platforms.
  • Onsite support – access permanent onsite advice and customised training.
  • Technical management - use expert personnel to cover key positions and gain guarantees for plant production, power and fuel consumption.
  • Full O&M partnership – take advantage of a fully empowered organisation. We’ll manage, operate and maintain the plant, guarantee production, power and fuel consumption, as well as holding full liability.

Djebal Ressas: Expertise from the ground up

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