• Emergency support on demand
  • Track plant performance with productivity platform
  • Gain extra efficiency
  • Build staff competencies

Achieve sustainable business improvements 

If your plant is already operating on a high level, an online support centre (OSC) contract can help you gain an extra efficiency boost. This service helps you control your spare part inventory, plan regular maintenance and shutdowns, and test potential opportunities for process optimisation.

Rely on this operation and maintenance module for 24/7 emergency support and to help prevent your equipment being pushed beyond sustainable limits, which can potentially cause breakdowns.

You can also use an OSC contract to monitor and benchmark KPIs and gain insight into your plant operations. It can highlight the issues that you should be aware of and provide advice about which action to take – all with the goal of improving plant performance.

<img scr="online.jpg" alt="online support centre"/>

Choose your level of support

Based on your specific needs, you can choose from different OSC packages and get a combination of services – such as 24/7 remote support on demand, or permanent eight-hour availability during normal working days, or any other agreed fixed amount of hours per week.

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