key benefits

  • Maximise mill performance
  • Increase availability
  • Longer vertical mill life
  • Prevent unforeseen shutdowns
  • Complete mill department analysis

Straight-up services you can rely on to reduce vertical mill downtime

To increase the reliability and availability of your mill equipment, you need an effective preventative maintenance approach.


Our comprehensive mill services help to identify and eliminate root causes of performance bottlenecks, so that you can prevent:

  • Excessive downtime
  • Hydraulic system failure
  • Contaminated lubrication oil
  • Oil leakage from rollers
  • Repeated failures
  • Vibrations



Depend on the specialists for complete care of your mill 


Maintenance and repair of a VRM is highly technical, and it should only be performed by experts. You might be concerned about correct parts installation, or about the need for strict pressure sealing of the hydraulic system, or about getting mill equipment refurbished in the shortest possible time, so that your plant can stay competitive.


Luckily, we’ve got all your concerns covered. You can rely on our expert VRM assistance for a full range of services, including:

  • Delivering, installing, replacing, and aligning all equipment
  • Process evaluation
  • Mechanical inspection
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Care of all hydraulic components and gearboxes

Prevent problems with regular mill check-ups


You can optimise mill performance and identify issues that can cause costly failures or breakdowns with periodic mill inspections. We provide customised inspections and ongoing expert technical support to keep your mill working smoothly and prevent any potential issues.


Inspections are carried out by an experienced vertical mill specialist during shutdown and include:

  • Hydraulic inspection and recommendations
  • Lubrication inspection
  • Separator inspection
  • Mill internal analysis and recommendations


We’ll not only provide you with measurements and data, but also give you a general evaluation of the mill, including specific conclusions and actual actions to take.


Fast, accurate repairs and refurbishment


Avoiding any mill downtime is essential, so you need your equipment to be refurbished in the shortest possible timeframe. You can save time with our on-site high-precision machining and grinding services and be confident that we will ensure all the correct tolerances and correct installation.


Services include:

  • Aligning rollers on the grinding table to optimise the grinding process
  • Replacing bearings in hubs
  • Overhauling grinding rollers
  • Replacing segments on grinding rollers and table
  • Overhauling separators
  • Upgrading the electrical system and power supply
  • Upgrading the automation and control systems
  • Hard-face welding of vertical mill grinding tables and roller segments/tires
  • Machining of vertical mill table, base frames and rocker arm
  • Crack repairs

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