• Increase productivity and reliability
  • Bespoke service agreements, tailored to your needs
  • Supports and predictive maintenance approach
  • Reduce OPEX

Tailored service agreements that help you optimise gear performance

The gear unit is the link between the drive and driven machine – if it fails, everything stops. That’s why getting on top of maintenance activities is so important. But gear units and their maintenance requirements are as individual as the applications and operation, so one-size-fits-all maintenance plans aren’t sufficient.

Working in combination with our Predicta online condition monitoring services,  these modular service agreements are designed to ensure you achieve the highest overall equipment efficiency – and maximum productivity.


How does it work?

We use five basic questions to help you define the perfect service module for your equipment:

  • Does a breakdown  of the gear box lead to immediate production losses?
  • How does the cost of repair compare to the cost of  replacement?
  • Is the equipment easy to replace ?
  • Does the equipment have a long lead time ?
  • Does the equipment require advanced maintenance knowledge?

Together we analyse the strategic importance of the gear unit and determine its influence on the driven equipment’s overall reliability. After all, it makes sense to spend less effort maintaining gears that are quick and cheap to replace. 

Depending on the importance of the equipment, the service contract includes one-off expenses for hardware and the installation of online condition monitoring, as well as periodic costs for on-site inspections and continuous monitoring and data analysis. Are you eager to learn more ? 



A personalized approach, built from six predefined mySentinel service modules

Services – the basic package, containing an annual inspection according to the OEM manual by a skilled service engineer. The condition of the gearbox is documented in a report containing useful advice for further maintenance and recommendation for stock keeping.

Offline includes all the above and adds a vibration monitoring report. Measurements taken by hand-held device are analysed and added to the inspection report. In the case of long-term contracts, trend analyses are included.

Advanced is a must-have for key machinery that would compromise production in the event of failure. It combines the mySentinel Service package with online condition monitoring.

Process is an upgrade of the Advanced module, adding improved production efficiency through M2M communication between the local condition monitoring unit and plant control system.

Reverse combines any one of the above described packages with the ability to get perfect fitting spares or a complete drop-in unit from us and let stock keeping become our challenge.

24/7 hotline support 

We offer a dedicated mySentinel 24/7 hotline and engineering support during the contractual period, which is handled by our experienced MAAG® gear experts.

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