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From minor repairs to complete upgrades – and everything in between

Industrial processes are typically hard on machinery and high on energy consumption. Frequent maintenance stops, ongoing repair bills and high operating costs can put a big dent in your profitability. But technology is moving forward all the time. New wear parts, new machinery and new techniques could help you eliminate bottlenecks, reduce costs and improve your environmental footprint.
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Increase capacity

You don’t always have to expand your facility to increase capacity. Your productivity could be improved with a few key upgrades. For example, a simple cooler upgrade at the Arabian Cement Company plant in Ramilya, Egypt, enabled the increase in throughput needed to support the plant’s production goals. The relatively small project took place during the plant’s regular maintenance shutdown, and had an immediate effect on the plant’s ability to meet demand. All it required was a quick change to the cross bars and hydraulics. Read the story: Expanding capacity at Arabian Cement Company was quick and easy with a simple cooler upgrade.
This is just one example of many upgrades we’ve performed where we have been able to reuse existing equipment, retrofit new technologies and make significant process improvements. 


These kinds of projects don’t have to be big and expensive to make a huge difference. Let’s work together to see what can be achieved with great engineering and a thirst for innovation.

gold deposit

Eliminate bottlenecks

Some projects are not about adding capacity, but about eliminating bottlenecks to achieve your design capacity.

A bottleneck could occur anywhere in your process and could take many forms, from a mill table that needs constant attention to a poorly designed truck loading system that can’t keep up with demand. Many processes are upgraded piecemeal over time, so that an element that worked perfectly with the old set-up is no longer the best option.

Whatever your bottleneck, we can find an efficient way to deal with it. Take, for example, the thickener project for Carpentaria Gold in Western Australia. By retrofitting the new Evolute™ feedwell, the thickener was able to recover more cyanide and more gravity gold, while utilising less raw water. This project gave Carpentaria Gold great value for money. Their maintenance and operating costs were significantly reduced and the retrofit was a less expensive option than a completely new thickener. Read the full story: An Evolute™ feedwell upgrade gave Carpentaria Gold a 40% reduction in flocculant. 

As a company, we have a long history of more than 130 years in the industry. But the combined experience of our engineers is even longer, giving us a wealth of knowledge to draw from. We also use the latest 3D modelling techniques to workshop solutions before we start taking things to pieces – giving you the reassurance that our proposals are based on science as well as experience.

Reduce maintenance costs

Maintenance costs can be a real burden. And it’s not just the money – the time out for maintenance stops is disruptive to your whole process.

Reducing maintenance needs is one of the main reasons customers come to us for repair and upgrade projects. At St Ives gold mine in Australia, for example, the rubber impact bars on the primary crusher needed to be replaced every 6 – 8 weeks, far more regularly than the mine’s set shutdown schedule of every 12 weeks. It was disrupting production and pushing up costs. They needed a new solution. We replaced the rubber impact bar with FerroCer impact ceramic wear panels, which were still in operation after 34 weeks – a vast improvement. Read the story about the St. Ives gold mine.


Another great example is the partial JETFLEX® burner upgrade we performed for Salt River Materials Group. They were experiencing ongoing problems with an unstable flame and distorted air annulus, causing rising maintenance costs as well as problems with clinker quality. The partial upgrade solved the flame stability issue and eliminated the maintenance challenges, all for a fraction of the cost of a total replacement. Emissions are reduced, clinker quality is improved, and the maintenance headache is gone. Learn more about the burner upgrade at a reduced price.


It’s amazing what can be achieved with a great partnership and some clever engineering.

Lower emissions

With emissions standards growing ever more stringent, a process upgrade may be necessary to reduce your emissions. Perhaps you need more energy efficient equipment, repairs to re-seal existing machinery, an upgrade to the latest air pollution control equipment, or gas analysis and emissions monitoring solutions?


We’ve been working hard to make all our technologies more environmentally friendly so that your process can meet these strict requirements while still giving you the performance you need to thrive. We bring all this experience to the table every time we sit with a customer and discuss potential improvement projects.


That’s exactly what happened at the Salonit Anhovo cement plant in Slovenia. They wanted to achieve greater operational reliability, increased energy efficiency and high environmental standards. We sat down together and worked out a plan to upgrade their pyro system in two stages to suit their production requirements. The project included a cooler upgrade, new preheater system and the addition of a HOTDISC™ to increase the use of alternative fuels at the plant. The plant has been thrilled with the results and is continuing to work with FLSmidth on new projects to expand the use of RDF and add a kiln bypass. Read the full story on how Salonit Anhovo removed bottlenecks and upgraded its equipment.


Talk to us about your emissions targets. We can help you identify where improvements can be made – and where you will get the best ROI.

Switch fuels

Fuel switching can help bring down costs and improve your environmental footprint, but it also carries wider implications for your process. We have helped customers to manage every type of fuel switch imaginable – so we can say with confidence that it doesn’t need to be a painful transition. 


We have the history, the expertise and the technology to help plan and implement fuel-switching projects with minimal risk and minimal disruption to your process.


China Resources Cement took advantage of our unique offering when they decided to burn urban and industrial waste at their Hongshuihe plant. They talked to our experts and soon decided that the HOTDISC™ was the right technology to cope with the varying characteristics of their new fuel – even though it had never before been used for fuel with these kinds of characteristics (high moisture, low calorific value). 


FLSmidth engineers remained onsite throughout the installation of the HOTDISC™ and were able to assist with troubleshooting while the new combustion system was implemented. It was a resounding success. The HOTDISC™ handled 50 000 t of waste in the first 6 months alone. 


Switching fuel types can be an environmental and an economic advantage. But it can also feel like a huge risk. If you’re thinking about moving from coal to petcoke, or from petcoke to RDF, for example, give us a call – and get the benefit of our experience.

Partner with us

Choosing the right partner for your upgrade and improvement projects is so important. You need to find someone who understands your goals as well as your challenges. Someone with experience of your industry and all the pressures you face, as well as technological knowhow. 


We believe that every successful project begins with a good working relationship. We take the time to understand what you want to achieve and what your obstacles are. We work with you as well as independently to analyse your process and to determine the potential that lies within.
Curiosity has carried us through the last 130+ years and continues to be the fire in every project we take on. The phenomenal possibility of the engineer’s ‘What if…?’


With a global network of experienced engineers, we have the knowhow to support your goals and see them through to fruition. From design to supply to installation – we are there for every stage. Projects might end after the final tests have been completed, but our relationships with our customers are ongoing. See for yourself.

We were looking for a partner that could support us with further technological development. FLSmidth provided us with a lot of knowledge, a lot of new information. Cooperation between the project teams was very positive.

Ivan Vidic, Technical DirectorSalonit Anhovo

We’re already looking forward to the next project with FLSmidth.

Gerry McKervey, Plant ManagerCapitol Aggregates

I’m thankful that we have FLSmidth in our corner, willing to try something new.

Gregg St Clair, vice presidentCement Operations at SRMG
If you’re looking for a partner you can brainstorm ideas with, that’s FLSmidth. If you’re looking for a partner to provide world-class technology and innovative solutions, that’s FLSmidth. If you want to work with a company that has the resources to support you 24/7, that’s FLSmidth.

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