key benefits

  • Optimise equipment utilisation and increase run factor
  • Predicable assistance for trouble-free operation
  • Ensure continuous safety for equipment and personnel
  • Optimise process conditions
  • Efficient global network for spare parts supply and service coverage

Get the most out of your gas analysis equipment

Without a gas analysis system, you are effectively running your plant blind and decreasing the potential for optimisation, while risking increased emissions.
No two pyro processes are alike, but we know that when it comes to combustion there will always be, from time to time, unstable conditions. The success of any solution depends on the success of the maintenance department. You have to keep the system in trouble-free operation so that you can use the data provided by the gas analysis equipment.
Full service programme for your gas analysis solutions
You can trust us to fully support you. Let us share our years of worldwide experience and process knowledge in the leading gas analysis solutions. We'll ensure that you get the most out of the technology so you can optimise production throughput, as well as the cost of operations and the safety of people and machinery.
Meeting whatever requirements you might have, we offer ad-hoc gas analysis services as well as full service agreements, including a support hotline.
Even before your gas analysis equipment has been delivered, you can take advantage of our preinstallation and commissioning services so that you can be confident you get off to a good start. You can also schedule on-site training to ensure that everyone has the latest knowledge. To further improve effectiveness, we highly recommend that you take advantage of a re-training visit 1-3 months
after the initial start-up.
On-site training
Eliminate unpredictability and stress
Service contracts save you costs and improve the predictability of maintenance. For example, our service agreement, Plantline™, provides a range of standardised services, while still offering flexibility. And we also offer online support, enabling preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and program updates to be handled remotely.
Avoiding prolonged downtime is crucial when it comes to repairs. Because we stock all the appropriate spare parts and the correct measurement and calibration equipment for your gas analysis system, we can give you a fast turnaround. It means that we can immediately deliver essential spare parts, and quickly complete service tasks.
We conclude all service visits with a detailed service report, so you know what is going on and can take appropriate action in the future. To avoid problems before they occur, we also offer preventative service and support, including inspections and recommendations for improvements.
When analysers do need to be repaired off-site, the repair can take place in our own specialised workshop, which carries a full range of spares for all major analyser brands. And we guarantee a fast turnaround time.

Invaluable help for your gas analysis equipment

Prevent downtime and get fast assistance with our service contract programme, PlantLine™. You can schedule a service agreement exclusively for gas analysis equipment or coordinate it with any other FLSmidth service programme.


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