key benefits

  • Maintain dosing accuracy
  • Save costs by pre-planning production outages
  • Support for crucial spare-part management
  • Increase machine life
  • Lower operational costs

Know the status of your feeding and dosing equipment

To run your plant profitably and efficiently, you need stable and accurate material dosing. Equipment must be able to dose small to huge amounts of material per hour. In a rough environment like industrial production, it’s impossible to completely prevent wear – and this applies in particular to the wear parts of your dosing systems, such as the rotor wheels and sealing plates. However, you can prevent potential unplanned downtime.


Timing is everything

To reduce the risk of wear-triggered downtimes, you can rely on our experience in feeding and dosing equipment. We know exactly when to inspect which part of your system and this means we can find the ideal time to carry out maintenance. The result is increased machine life, and reduced service and operation costs.


Feeding and dosing equipment services include, for example:


  • Visual inspection of the equipment
  • Software update
  • Exchange of wear spare parts
  • Calibration of the system
  • Spare part recommendation
  • Software/data back up
24-hour hotline 

We offer a 24-hour hotline and online troubleshooting, providing worldwide support when you need it. We have local service units in India, China, Asia, North - South America, Europe and Middle East.

Tel +49 821 7949 241


Spare parts 

To make sure that you are not waiting around for a crucial spare part, FLSmidth Pfister keeps a large number of spare parts in stock. And you can use our skilled spares specialists to help you optimize your own spare-parts management.

Email :


Service contracts and training

We also offer flexible service contracts, tailored to meet your exact requirements. And if you would like some training, to ensure the best possible knowledge sharing, you can come to the FLSmidth Pfister’s training centre or we can deliver training on-site at your plant.

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