key benefits

  • Maximise cooler availability
  • Reduce unplanned stoppages
  • Eliminate excessive wear
  • Detect potential risks before they become a problem

Maximise cooler availability and eliminate excessive wear

To maintain overall plant capacity, your cooler must handle a constant throughput of clinker. Problems with the cooler can result in an unstable kiln, damage equipment, and influence the clinker quality. And excessive wear of cooler parts can lead to inefficient cooling processes and even production stoppages.


A regular preventative inspection can eliminate many of the root causes of excessive wear and keep your cooler running smoothly. As well as inspections, our on-site cooler services include: installation, repairs and refurbishments, and upgrades and overhauls.



Is your cooler always ‘all systems go’?

A complete cooler analysis can help you reduce downtime and keep production levels high. A problem detected in one area can have its root cause in another.


Using the latest fault-finding technologies, such as electronic data loggers and thermal cameras, we analyse each individual element in depth. 

 We work with you to identify and eliminate root causes, helping you to avoid:
  • Clinker fall-through
  • ‘Red rivers’
  • Excessive wear on the grate line and under-grate compartments
  • Hydraulic system issues
  • Reduced heat recuperation


Inspections are carried out in two stages: 
  • Stage 1: Before shutdown, to evaluate operating parameters
  • Stage 2: After kiln stop, to assess the cooler’s parts


The inspection service includes: 
  • Hydraulic and lubrication systems
  • Test of hydraulic pumps
  • Oil contamination check
  • Process analysis of cooler operational parameters


We give you with a detailed measuring report and a general evaluation of the equipment and spare parts. We recommend actions to take during a scheduled maintenance stop and suggest ways you can optimise the cooler.
Maintenance to improve cooler performance includes:
  • Replacing the seal packing
  • Adjusting seal plates
  • Ensuring air tightness


Hassle-free cooler installation with a fast turnaround

Getting your cooler installed is easy. You can rely on us to install and align all equipment parts, from linear bearings, drives and cylinders to frames and the fixed inlet. Our installation services include the delivery and replacement of complete units or specific parts, as necessary, and we supply all the required equipment for on-site maintenance.

And after installation, we won’t just leave you to it. We’ll continue to assist you with commissioning your cooler equipment. The scope of our cooler installation services includes a range of wear parts:


  • Cross-bars
  • Grates
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • MFR
  • Roller braker/crusher


No snowmen here: upgrades to increase cooler output

When you want to increase your cooler’s output and efficiency, we can help you with a range of upgrade solutions, such as:


  • Installing fixed ABC™ inlets to eliminate snowman formation
  • Fixed inlet upgrade (CIS to ABC)
  • SF™ to Cross-Bar® cooler upgrade for improved transport efficiency
  • Cooler extensions to increase capacity
  • Upgrading the cooler control system
  • Overhaul and upgrades of the crusher and hydraulic roller breaker

To maximise the performance of hydraulic components and lengthen system lifetime, our specialists can overhaul your hydraulic pumps and cylinders and flush your hydraulic systems. After a complete cooler overhaul, to ensure the best possible start to your operations, we’ll stay on-site and assist in adjusting operational parameters.


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