Key Benefits

  • High productivity
  • Cost efficient
  • Highly accurate
  • Environmentally friendly

Save money and lower emissions with alternative fuels

Thinking of making the switch from traditional fossil fuels like coal and oil, to alternative fuels at your cement plant to reduce production costs and your carbon footprint?

Our low-cost, easy-to-install Volumetric Dosing Unit can demonstrate the effectiveness and viability of using alternative fuels before you make the big decision to implement more a permanent solution.


With thermal and electric energy accounting for approximately 40 per cent of cement manufacturing operational costs, it’s no wonder many cement producers around the world are turning to alternative fuels to power their operations.

You can use a wide range of alternative fuels with the Volumetric Dosing Unit, including:

  • refuse derived fuel (RDF)
  • process engineered fuel
  • municipal solid waste
  • biomass (e.g. wood waste, rice husks)
  • tire chips.

The Volumetric Dosing Unit is key to your success in using alternative fuels. Once the alternative fuels have been received, unloaded, stored, sampled and transported, they need to be dosed before being sent on to the next stage in the process of converting alternative fuel into power.


The Volumetric Dosing Unit is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure accurate measurement and loss in weight dosing so that the most efficient outcome with minimised cost can be achieved.


There are two ways you can use the volumetric dosing unit:

Start with volumetric dosing

  1. To demonstrate how your plant and equipment can use alternative fuels – this involves installing the volumetric dosing unit which is coupled to a screw conveyor, a rotary valve and a blower for pneumatic transportation. This provides you with basic experience in operation, purchasing and handling alternative fuels. After a trail period the unit can be easily converted into a gravimetric dosing system to increase the Thermal Substitution Rate.


    Convert from volumetric dosing into gravimetric dosing

  2. To increase the dosing  accuracy – this involves fitting a receiving and gravimetric dosing unit for continuous supply of alternative fuels at a higher rate. The unit is coupled to a drag chain conveyor, a PFISTER® Rotor Weighfeeder and a blower for pneumatic transportation.

Be a leader in the cement industry - make the switch to alternative fuels

Need to convince management that alternative fuel is the best way to power your cement plant? The Volumetric Dosing Unit is a low-cost, plug and play solution with its own control cabinet that you can quickly implement to measure the cost savings and reduction in emissions so that you can prove its value and install a more permanent solution at your site.

High productivity

Continuous operation and a handling capacity up to 100 m3 alternative fuels per hour means the Volumetric Dosing Unit becomes a valuable asset for powering plant and machinery.


With a holding capacity of 35 m3, front-end loaders can quickly and easily unload bulk material directly into the Volumetric Dosing Unit.

When installed with the dedusting system including rubber curtains the dust & Spillage impact to the surroundings is kept to a minimum.  
Cost efficient

Increasing fossil fuel prices, limited fossil fuel resources and the reduction of waste disposal makes alternative fuels a more economical solution in powering your cement plant.


Installing the Volumetric Dosing Unit is a fast-track to verify the impact of the Alternative fuels on your pyro process because of its low initial cost, small footprint and fast installation with local control panel to make it work as a standalone unit. When you are ready for a more permanent solution the Volumetric Dosing unit can be dismounted and shipped to another location or it can be upgraded to be part of a more permanent installation. (Something along those lines..).

It’s also quick and easy to install and a local control system means it doesn’t need to be wired in.


The unit is made with the highest quality wear-resistant material where needed so that it’s robust and requires minimal maintenance.

Highly accurate

We know a stable fuel supply to the process is absolutely mandatory to you, especially when considering high TSR rates, that’s why the Volumetric Dosing Unit can be converted into a gravimetric dosing unit by adding a high precision dosing feeder that weighs continuously before feeding it via a steady flow to the alternative fuel pipe line without interruptions or pulsations. This ensures high quality control and the most accurate dosing than any other dosing technique.

Environmentally friendly

As one of the most polluting industries, cement manufacturers are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint.


The Volumetric Dosing Unit allows cement production to be powered by alternative fuels which have considerably less harmful exhaust emissions such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and sulphur dioxide.


Using alternative fuels also ensures the preservation of non-renewable energy sources and enables already existing waste to be reused.

A simple transition to alternative fuels

The Volumetric Dosing Unit’s compact size, measuring 8700 high x 7600 deep x 5100 wide, and small footprint coupled with its plug-and-play capability add to its appeal, as do the following features:

  • Dosing up to 100 m3 of alternative fuel per hour.
  • Suited to a broad range of fuel types.
  • Suited to material with a moisture content (wt. %) of <25.
  • Fast delivery and installation.

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