Key Benefits

  • Flexibility of bag pattern, loading configuration, and bag size  
  • Efficient loading for open top trucks 
  • Rapid truck change-over time

Intelligent bag loading technology

Reduced power consumption. The flexibility to load different bag types and sizes. Greater efficiency at higher capacities. Modern cement plants are placing ever greater demands on their automatic truck loading system.

The VENTOMATIC® CARICATECH truck loader offers a tailored solution to these challenges that provides:


  • The highest output on the market for single-bag loaders, with 10% greater productivity than its closest competitors
  • The greatest flexibility of bag patterns and truck types that can be loaded.


Using the same bag-loading principle as our well-known CARICAMAT® truck loader, the CARICATECH forms the bag layer above the truck and then transfers the layer onto the truck platform. What differentiates the CARICATECH is that bag layers are formed on a special roller bed and then picked up and positioned on the truck by forks. With the CARICATECH SB model, the loading pattern is adjusted to the truck dimensions automatically. 

Successful CARICATECH™ truck loader in operation  
This makes it the ideal solution for the HDPE non-laminated bags that are extensively used in India and other Asian markets and that are more difficult to handle with automated loading machines than paper or woven polypropylene glued bags. Customers in these markets may also keep the same straight-bag loading pattern to allow manual unloading and avoid extra costs. The CARICATECH SB straight bag version has been specifically designed for these circumstances and has been successfully implemented on the Subcontinent.

Flexible and reliable automatic truck loader for open top trucks

Flexibility of bag pattern, loading configuration, and bag size

The optimal solution for Indian and Chinese markets, which predominantly use HDPE non-laminated bags. Bag layer configurations are automatically customised to the truck bed, with a wide variety of loading patterns.

Bag feeding is also flexible according to your plant layout and logistics requirements. Fixed or mobile belt feeder, central or lateral feeding – all are possible regardless of the required loading stroke.

Efficient loading for open top trucks
Whether your trucks have fixed side panels and/or rear fixed sides, bags are loaded to fill the complete width of the platform. The bags are positioned and pressed to avoid space between the stacks and layers, giving unparalleled stability during transport.
Rapid truck change-over time

The high vertical speed of the CARICATECH head allows the immediate entrance of a new truck into the loading bay. This dramatically reduces changeover time, allowing average capacities of 3000 bags/h or more to be reached.

Traditionally, plants with loaders with slow changeover times have two loading bays with two automatic truck loaders dedicated to each packer to prevent bottlenecking. Our solution consists of one high-capacity packer (typically a ten- or twelve-spout rotary packer for capacities of 150-180 t/h), one automatic bag applicator, and one CARICATECH truck loader.

As the bag loading cycle stops for only a few tens of seconds, the average capacity is extremely high, without the need for a second bay and loader. It’s time and cost efficient, ensuring excellent average production using only one loading bay.

Ground palletising
When the trucks are not available, it is possible to position a mobile roller conveyor under the loader for bag palletizing. This enables production to continue and improves bag dispatch flexibility. It is an ideal solution for sling bags.


A smart automatic truck loader that reacts to changing parameters

Remote assistance

Control of the CARICATECH truck loader is based on IPC technology, which replaces the classic PLC hardware. This gives incredibly high performance, as the machine control logic and human-machine interface (HMI) run on a common platform. We can also provide remote assistance in real time via VPN or internet connection from FLSmidth.

Smart operator panel

The operator panel enables smart management of loading parameters according to truck characteristics and customer requirements (number of bags, stack configuration, tonnes, etc). It’s easy to program the different bag sizes and pattern configurations. Diagnostics and troubleshooting operations are also improved, thanks to a dedicated operating environment.

Simple to install

The CARICATECH truck loader can be fitted into existing loading bays with minimum requirements. Thanks to the preassembled and pre-wired execution, it can be installed and commissioned in about 10 days. 


Easy to operate

The operator panel displays a dynamic mimic of the loader and provides both a clear and detailed overview and close monitoring of all operations. Additionally, it’s possible to connect the onboard camera system to a pair of monitors positioned close to the operator panel.


Setting loading parameters is easy and intuitive. It’s possible to make changes to the loading parameters in real time. But the biggest benefit is the diversity of automatic loading capabilities. It’s possible to handle different bag sizes, pattern configurations (interlocked or not), and loading modes (flat and/or pyramidal loading) with a different number of bags per layer, layer by layer, completely automatically. 

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