Key Benefits

  • Efficient loading of open top trucks
  • Reliable capacity up to 3000 bags/hour
  • Less than 1 minute for truck changeover
  • The only loader with different solutions for bag feeding
  • Various bag laying configurations available

An open top truck loader for optimal and efficient bag loading

What impact does efficient bag loading have on your business? Smoother handling results in less product loss. Faster loading and truck changeover reduces bottlenecks and gets your product out quicker. Smart laying configurations enable you to achieve optimum truck loading safely, with low risk. All of these things enable greater productivity and profitability. 

We’ve been engineering bag loading technology since 1969. As the VENTOMATIC® CARICAMAT® has evolved, we’ve built in even more flexibility to ensure the broadest possible applications, whatever the truck type, bag size or environmental factors.

The compact design of the equipment enables the smooth installation and commissioning of the automatic truck loader, whether it’s installed in new or existing facilities or to replace manual loading.


The VENTOMATIC® CARICAMAT® palletises full bags directly onto truck platforms (with or without pallet). It’s compatible with a wide range of trucks, from flat type with fixed or removable side and rear panels, to dumper trucks and trucks with trailers.It’s highly reliable, even in the toughest conditions.


The patented suction disc system allows the loading of all kinds of paper and plastic bags onto all types of open top trucks and trailers with standard configuration of 5x1, 5x2 or 6x2 bags per layer.The high capacity (over 3000 bags/hour) combined with easy and fast positioning of the equipment (useful when the truck is not aligned into the loading bay) guarantees you a high overall capacity of the packing line. Reduced manpower. Increased safety. No more bottlenecks.

The loading head picks up the bag layers and places them onto the truck platform. The bag layers are interlocked to stabilise your stack.We use a suction cup to pick up the bags, which gives smooth handling without damaging the bag surface – or your product.

1969 CARICAMAT®truck loader – 1600 bags per hour 

Smooth operator. Bag loading technology you can rely on.

Efficient loading  of open top trucks

Whether your trucks have fixed side panels, fixed rear panels, or both – the VENTOMATIC® CARICAMAT® can fill the complete truck platform from side to side with no gap. The bags are positioned and pressed without space between the stacks and layers, ensuring unparalleled stability during transport.


Less than 1 minute for truck changeover

In the past, the bag loading cycle had to be restarted after the first truck was fully loaded. To avoid a pause in production while this happened, packers were traditionally coupled with two loaders (either manual or automatic) so that production could alternate from one to the other. However, our solution consists of one high capacity packer (typically a 10-spout rotary packer for 150 t/h), one automatic bag applicator and one CARICAMAT® automatic truck loader. The whole line has an expected capacity of more than 3000 bags/h. It’s efficient and cost-effective, giving you good average production rates with just one loading bay.


The only truck loader with different solutions for bag feeding

Choose from fixed or mobile belt and central or lateral feeding according to which layout best suits you. This doesn’t affect loading capacity.


Various layer configurations available

The CARICAMAT® automatic truck loader can be equipped with one or two loading heads, depending on the number of bags per layer


Configuration Bags/layer Number of loading heads 
 5x1  5  1
 5x2  5 per head  2
 6x2  6 per head  2
NOTE: All layers are interlocked and pressed for optimal stability during transportation. Other configurations are available according to bag dimensions, layer configuration and truck characteristics

50 years on: still the best automatic truck loader on the market

Easy to install

The CARICAMAT® automatic truck loader can be fitted into any existing loading bays without significant modification Thanks to the preassembled and pre-wired execution of the CARICAMAT®, it can be installed and commissioned in approximately 10 days.


Easy to operate

The operator panel displays the dynamic mimic of the automatic loader and provides both a clear and detailed overview and close monitoring of all operations. Additionally, you can opt to have an on-board camera system connected to a pair of monitors installed close to the operator panel.

It’s easy to set loading parameters in accordance with the different types of trucks to be loaded. You can even change in real time the number of layers for each row of pallets and the number of rows per truck. The panel also provides alarm and warning lists for proper troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.

Truck loading solutions

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