Key Benefits

  • Compact design 
  • Long service life
  • Simple maintenance due to large inspection port
  • Left- or right-hand design

Efficient and reliable control in your pneumatic conveying operation

Sometimes A to B is as simple as a straight line. But when it’s not, you need a diverter valve that ensures seamless redirection of materials with minimal wear and maximum efficiency.

Our Two-Way Diverter Valves have a straight passage and a branch pipe mounted at an angle of 25°. One of the two outlets is always completely closed by a tightly-sealed slide plate. The slide plate is activated by a shaft and a lever and moves on an exchangeable wear protection plate. Switch-over is possible only when conveying operations have been stopped.


Your network of conveying pipes can take all forms, so we’ve ensured our Two-Way Diverter Valves are flexible to your application. They can be installed horizontally or vertically. The branch pipe can be mounted on the right or left, depending on the pipeline routing. And they are available for all commonly used nominal widths, so they can be installed in almost all pipeline systems.

Smooth bulk material handling for easy transport in any direction

MÖLLER® Two-Way Diverter Valve

The CE-certified MÖLLER® Two-Way Diverter Valve is designed to work with your pneumatic conveying system to aid material handling. Our focus was creating a valve that adds functionality to your system without taking up more of your time or maintenance budget. That’s why we’ve constructed the housing from cast iron and designed in as few wear parts as possible. The large inspection hole gives you easy access for maintenance, while the low clearance volume avoids the accumulation of material.


In terms of compatibility with your pneumatic conveyor, the MÖLLER® Two-Way Diverter Valve is available in sizes DN 50 – DN 400 and it’s temperature proof up to 200˚C. There are three methods of operation: manual, pneumatic or motor actuated and it’s a direct drive, without linkage.

SK™ V2 Diverter / Converger Valve

The SK™ V2 diverter valve has a new leaner profile with streamlined parts and lower weight. The seat cartridge is all one piece and it’s easily replaceable via the over-sized hinged access port. The SK™ V2 is designed for both diverter and converger duty and is available in either standard or ATEX 20 versions. It can be positioned in either right or left hand configuration and re-purposed on site. Actuation is manual, pneumatic or mechanical and no linkages or guards are required, so it’s safer to operate. Control and indication are situated in the actuator.


Engineered for 50 psig and 200˚C maximum temperature, this rugged valve is well-suited for various abrasive materials such as cement, limestone, bentonite, fly ash, copper concentrate, barite and other pulverized or granular materials. The SK V2 valve is compatible with dilute-, two-phase or dense-phase pneumatic conveying applications.

Diverter valves designed for low wear and maximum efficiency

MÖLLER® Two-Way Diverter Valve

A key consideration for any valve is optimum service life and minimum wear. In the MÖLLER® Two-Way Diverter Valve, the slide plate is provided with a special coating that guarantees low friction and optimum sliding behavior. It is constantly pressed against the wear protection plate, and adjustment of the surfaces by the lap-in process ensures long-term sealing of the branch pipes. Friction and pressure loss are minimal due to only a 25° deflection of the material flow in the housing.


When the slide plate or wear protection plate has to be replaced, simply access through the inspection hole and carry out the work in-situ. No need to remove the housing.


Efficient production and high operational reliability are achieved thanks to the use of high-quality materials and components from renowned manufacturers.



SK™ V2 diverter valve

Our SK™ V2 two-way diverter/converger valve is designed for precise operation and provides improved alignment of the disk and a longer operating life. The large access port presents easy access for maintenance and uses a hinged panel for improved safety.


The SK V2 valve is versatile and can be re-purposed from right-hand to left-hand on site, saving valuable maintenance hours. Minimal adjustments are required, reducing installation hours and saving you money. No linkages or guards are needed for this valve, resulting in safer operation and less risk for maintenance staff.


Engineered for 50 psig and 200°C maximum temperature, this rugged valve is well-suited for various abrasive materials such as cement, limestone, bentonite, fly ash, copper concentrate, barite and other pulverized or granular materials.


The SK V2 valve can be used in dilute, two-phase or dense-phase pneumatic conveying applications.


The valve uses traditional actuators for easy connections to controls and wiring and are easily changed to the opposite hand without the need for customized parts. Three different actuators are available: precision electric motor, air cylinder or hand lever actuators with integral limit switches for dependable positioning of the disc with seats.


The SK V2 two-way valve is available in five sizes: 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch and 14 inch, and matches the I.d. of standard schedule 30 pipe. Flanges are available in ANSI or DIN designs, with 45° divert port as standard.


The housing is precision-machined durable cast iron construction. The internal mechanism works on the sliding disc and port principle. The replaceable and hardened one-piece seat cartridge with hardened disc are ground and lapped to maintain a positive seal at the closed port. Internal parts are readily accessible through a large hinged and bolted access port.


The ATEX 20 design is available for pulverized fuel handling. Various voltages are available.


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