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Data brings understanding and operational intelligence to laboratories and mine sites. 

It enables faster and better decisions at all levels. It improves margins and asset utilisation, and boosts productivity.

Perhaps most importantly, in a competitive market, data brings significant advantage.


Our thermogravimetric analysers (TGAs) are designed to reliably deliver the accurate data you need and demand in order to perform at the highest levels, and to lead the way.


Engineered with precision and years of industry experience, our TGAs support you in rigorous material characterisation. They capably measure a host of parameters including moisture, solvent and plasticiser loss, ignition loss or gain, decarboxylation, pyrolysis, oxidation, decomposition, ash content and more.


Our TGAs provide:


  • Continuous sample loading
  • Customisable parameters for improved control
  • Simple, safe, convenient and ergonomic operation
  • Powerful heating technology for excellent temperature stability
  • Integrated load cells with combined drying, ashing and weighing processes
  • Fast and accurate analysis results


Determine the purity and composition of materials, their thermal stability and fraction of volatile components – and more – with our TGAs. Only when you have this understanding, can you achieve your objectives and excel.


Our range includes single-temperature and multi-temperature TGAs.


Our Multi-Temperature Thermogravimetric Analysers feature automated processes to ensure fast, accurate and reliable data analysis. They use carousel technology and customisable parameters for improved control. Data is delivered in real-time and PC software graphs it for easy interpretation.


Choose our:


  • Apollo Thermogravimetric Analyser – analyse up to 23 samples in temperatures up to 1000°C; all sample weighing and recording of results happens automatically.
  • Apollo L Thermogravimetric Analyser – almost identical to our Apollo, analyse up to 19 samples and benefit from a second carousel which holds the lids for the crucibles.


Use our Single-Temperature Thermogravimetric Analysers to heat and cool samples to specific heating profiles. They come with integrated load cells and combine drying, ashing and weighing processes to improve efficiency, precision and accuracy, and sample throughput.


Choose our:


  • Auto TGA Thermogravimetric Analyser – designed specifically for integration into fully automated robotic systems or other high-volume systems, to provide fast results.
  • Auto TGA Moisture Analyser – designed specifically for moisture determination and features precise temperature control for the best possible results.
  • Ceres Single Thermogravimetric Analyser – designed to operate at a fixed temperature, and to offer fast turnaround time on analytical results.



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