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What you receive when using FLSmidth for your SX/EW process

Experience, Safety , Technology and Quality Equipment


An informed and experienced partner benefits your organization in many different ways. It can guide you away from common pitfalls, share best practices and make adjustments that fit your needs. At FLSmidth, we have years of experience in Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning (SX/EW) plant design. We also stay up-to-date to ensure that we are experts in chemical knowledge. If you’re looking for a partner that can work with your circuit configuration, we have experience with these SX circuit configurations:

  • conventional series
  • Series parallel
  • Optimised series parallel (interlaced)
  • Full cross flow



The ideal operation eliminates employee injuries and illness. We work to make this possible for your organization by designing and implementing hazard-reducing technology. In the case of solvent extraction, fire safety is imperative to keep your employees and equipment safe. We pay close attention to fire-safety in both our design and operation by monitoring dangers from static electricity. Current efficiency and electrochemical corrosion affects circuit voltages and operators’ safety. Our designs are created to avoid stray currents that can cause these issues.  

SX technology highlights

  • Maximised savings from use of reverse flow designs
  • Optimised placement and efficacy of after-settlers
  • Development of egg crate anti-swirl mixer tank discharge
  • Reduced leachate entrainment contamination through purpose built loaded organic tanks and Pacesetter aqueous coalescer
  • Very low levels (<10 ppm) of organic entrainment through the development and application of hydrocyclones


EW technology highlights

  • Scavenger cell designs developed to protect against organic slippage
  • Low level cell location in EW service
  • Effluent-free refinery using molecular recognition technology (MRT) and SX on by-product recovery
  • Maintenance-free circulation tank roofing
  • Cell wall manifolds for anolyte and gas removal in nickel and cobalt EW
  • Inside out tank house buildings in EW service
  • Same end cell feed and discharge removal
  • Cost effective ER to EW conversions
  • Shorting switch jumper frames


Scope of work
Partnerships work best when you know what to expect from a company. Here’s a list of what we offer with our services. 

  • Audits
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Basic engineering
  • Process engineering support for client companies
  • Detailed engineering
  • Procurement
  • Equipment and material supply logistics
  • Integration of FLSmidth specialised equipment and outside vendor supply
  • Pre-operational testing and start-ups
  • Performance testing
  • Construction


Auxiliary equipment

  • Vertical pressure filters
  • Type OTG filters
  • Phoenix underdrain systems
  • KREBS CycloClean systems (DeOiler Vessels)


Cost-saving equipment

  • Pacesetter separator
  • Organic recovery from raffinate
  • Loaded organic entertainment reduction
  • Electrolyte clarification
  • After settlers


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