Strengthen your cement and mining material handling capabilities

Stacking and reclaiming is an important part of achieving a reliable supply of homogenized raw materials to your mills – and we know that every cement or mining operations has unique material handling needs. Used in more than a thousand plants around the world, our stackers and reclaimers adapt to your specifications and are unmatched for stable operations.

Optimised stacking and reclaiming from the start

In order to enable you to optimise your raw material handling process, we work with you to carefully consider what stacking and reclaiming equipment is best suited to handle your materials. We also look at how the equipment is integrated into your plant, taking into account your building quantities and design parameters.

Right from the beginning of your project, we help you understand how the feed and product size, abrasiveness, compressive strength and stickiness of your raw materials determine the appropriate stackers and reclaimers for your plant. Through in-depth analysis and the vast experience of our well-trained engineers and technicians, we accurately select the equipment that will allow you to achieve maximum reliability – supplying stackers and reclaimers that meet your precise requirements.


In addition to taking raw material parameters into account, we understand the importance of addressing your operations and logistics needs. Our focus on providing streamlined installation and making the best use of the space available helps you minimise your civil engineering costs and delivers straightforward, time-efficient installation and start-up.

By delivering the best solutions in terms of equipment size and type, storage size, power calculations and belt conveyor design rules, we reduce the likelihood of downtime as well diminish the need for manual intervention – allowing you to keep your material handling processes running smoothly.

With decades of experience in material handling, we have the technology and know-how to supply your plant with the ideal stacking and reclaiming solutions. Our stackers and reclaimers deliver reliable, consistent raw material handling for the cement and mining industries – with highly beneficial total cost of ownership.

Stackers and reclaimers that deliver high-powered performance

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