Fit-for-purpose stacking and reclaiming systems

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Innovative stackers and reclaimers for optimal material handling

Our comprehensive choice of high-quality stackers and reclaimers for the cement industry fit your specifications – giving you efficiency gains and reliable performance. Designed for heavy-duty work, our stacking and reclaiming systems can be combined with products from all types of crushing installations.

Offering systems that are ideal for both pre-homogenisation and buffer storage of raw materials, our stackers and reclaimers have an impressive track record of durability and performance. The variety of stacker and reclaimer types and sizes we offer enable you to handle materials of differing bulk densities and dimensions.


Stackers known for reliability

With over 1,000 storage installations around the world, our stackers have a proven reputation for delivering consistent results. We help you achieve maximum reliability by understanding the characteristics of your raw material and using these parameters to find the ideal solution. Based on your unique circumstances, we provide stackers that fit your needs regarding storage size, power calculations, belt conveyor design rules and more – giving you high performance and outstanding dependability.


FLSmidth has commissioned some of the largest stackers in the cement industry. We offer:

  • Matching kiln throughputs of up to 12,000-13,000 tpd.
  • Stockpile volume of up to 100,000 m³.
  • Boom length of up to 60 m.
  • Capacity of up to 4,000 t/h.


Reclaimers for every need

With their straightforward operation and dependable performance, our reclaimers facilitate the collection, handling, treatment and distribution of granular raw materials – and are ideal for both pre-homogenisation and buffer storage of raw materials.


We also offer specialised reclaimers for cement plants that want to recover difficult-to-handle materials including humid and abrasive matter.


The power to standardise

The chemical composition of raw material often varies greatly in the cement industry, which may necessitate pre-homogenisation. Our stackers and reclaimers are up to the task, blending the main components in your cement production, such as limestone and clay, and efficiently adjusting the chemical composition of your raw materials.


Find your perfect fit

Whether your cement processes require homogenising stores or non-homogenising stores, our stackers and reclaimers have the capacity to handle a range of different types of materials. Our assortment of stackers and reclaimers lets you choose complementary equipment that best suits your process demands – with heavy-duty capabilities that give you confidence in your equipment.


When recommending a stacking and reclaiming solution for your cement processes, we consider the future uprating of your store and your mill feed system. We also look closely at the chemical characteristics of the materials to be handled and can provide systems that are suitable for sticky materials.


Before choosing a stacking and reclaiming system, we recommend that you consider the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a stacker / reclaimer store that is open or contained?
  • What sort of mill feed system do you require?
  • What sort of stacker / reclaimer design best suits your cement plant?
  • What is the composition of the raw materials to be reclaimed -- dry, humid, abrasive or sticky?
  • Are you looking for a homogenising or non-homogenising solution?

With a proven history of delivering a wide range of innovative, optimised equipment for material handling in the cement industry, we have the stacking and reclaiming solutions you need. Our experience ensures efficient service and our large selection offers the best, most effective stacking and reclaiming systems for your cement operations. 

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