Key Benefits

  • Improve visibility of plant and equipment performance
  • Optimise asset management
  • Quickly respond to unplanned events with real-time data

A mobile plant management app, prepared to empower you with information at your fingerprints

The way we access data is changing. From home appliances to cars, almost everything can be hooked up to the internet and accessed via a smartphone. And now, thanks to our SiteConnect™ Mobile Insights App, so can your cement plant and mining operation.

Is your business ready to assume the costs of not going mobile? Eliminate geographical constrains and rigid work environments, decrease response-time to incidents with more accurate information and make better decisions by having your data centralised and displayed where and when you need it.


SiteConnect delivers on-demand and remote access to asset performance and health data. But more than that: it empowers you.


  • It empowers you to monitor and benchmark the performance of your plant and equipment on-the-go.
  • It puts you in control of tracking performance trends and optimising operations.
  • It allows you to respond to critical events faster and with more accurate information.


With SiteConnect you are kept connected and informed – and therefore empowered to make the best decisions for your plant and equipment, promptly and with confidence. So you know that your plant and equipment are running smoothly. Or how to improve things if they are not. 


FLSmidth SiteConnect™ is currently limited to a few customers at this time. 

Open access is expected later this year.

The critical insights that you need to make better decisions

SiteConnect™ helps you optimise your equipment performance and health by giving you on-demand and remote access to the data you need to make good decisions.

Improved visibility of plant and equipment performance, anywhere
With the SiteConnect, you no longer have to be in the control room to see how your plant or mine is functioning. Performance and health data are delivered to your smart phone. So you can easily find and stay up-to-date with how your plant and equipment are running – whatever the time and wherever you are in the world. 
Optimised asset management
Is your equipment functioning to its full potential? SiteConnect helps you answer this question. Stay informed on how your plant or mine equipment performing against historical trends and compared to other similar installations. See where bottlenecks exist and improvements can be made. It's simple: we take the guesswork out of optimisation and put you in full control of your assets. 
Quicker response to unplanned events
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night worrying that something might have gone wrong? SiteConnect takes that worry away and lets you rest well, knowing that the app will inform you should the unexpected happen. So you can be sure of your ability to respond quickly and effectively to unplanned events that might otherwise have disrupted operations. 

Remote and on-demand access to plant and mine equipment data 

Offered as a subscription or as part of the sale of a related product for cement and mining industries, our SiteConnect app delivers real-time plant and mine equipment performance and health data securely to iPhones and Android mobile devices. Designed for plant and site managers, operations managers, and maintenance managers, the app allows you to remain up-to-date with operations, wherever you are in the world, whenever you need to. 

Designed to be intuitive to use and quickly mastered, SiteConnect is focused on your needs. Individual data signals – or ‘tags’ in the app - are clearly identified and easily found. You can also group tags into ‘collections’ to offer snapshot summary reports of key performance indicators, such as production levels, equipment performance, or equipment health. Both tags and collections can be added to your favourite list for quick recall later.

Historical and daily trends for each tag and collection can also be viewed and interrogated in SiteConnect. Trends can be shared with colleagues via email, keeping everyone on the same page with current performance metrics, potential problems that may be developing, and opportunities for optimising performance.

Email alerts and/or push notifications inform users when any predefined events occur, for example unplanned downtime or production shortages, allowing prompt action by plant management teams to resolve issues – even when key team members are away from the plant - and limiting any serious or lengthy impact on plant and equipment performance and health. 

Plant and mine equipment performance can also be benchmarked against similar installations by creating comparisons in the app at the product or enterprise level. This allows you to easily identify lower and higher performing assets, highlighting potential bottlenecks and opportunities for operational improvements. In short, SiteConnect is a powerful new tool in the day-to-day work of managing plant and equipment, improving asset performance, increasing product quality, optimising maintenance schedules and reducing the cost of production.

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