Key Benefits

  • Reliable transport
  • Weatherproof and dust-free
  • Easy inspection and minimal maintenance
  • Metered conveying capabilities

Screw Conveyors for reliable enclosed conveying

The Screw Conveyor is a reliable tool for dust-free and weatherproof transport of bulk materials. Mechanical conveying via our reliable Screw Conveyors is ideal for horizontal or inclined movement of dry or wet bulk and granulated materials. 

How it works

Rotating auger-style flights nestle inside a tube or trough. These spiral blades coil around a shaft. As the screw rotates, it moves the material up the flights from the feed end to the discharge end.



Multiple benefits


Screw Conveyors offer a conveying capacity of up to 550 m3 per hour (600 tph or 660 stph). Totally enclosed, weatherproof, dust- and mess-free conveying prevents contamination of both your bulk products and your plant. Additional benefits include steady, durable material handling and mixing, variable speed capabilities, high efficiency, minimal maintenance and low investment costs. Screw Conveyors also are extremely versatile, due to their customisation capabilities.


Our Screw Conveyor line includes versions for sticky materials; single, double and multiple extraction screws; and horizontal or inclining transport.



Silo and bunker extraction

Extraction Screw Conveyors are commonly designed with flights that increase in pitch. Installed over the entire length and width of a silo or bunker opening, the discharge position may be located at the ends or mid-point of the conveyors. Metering is achieved using electric motor drives with fixed or variable speeds, depending on your application.


Difficult materials? Metered conveying requirements? No problem!

Reliable transport
The Screw Conveyor provides enclosed conveyance of materials, transporting in horizontal, inclined and. Shafted designs can handle dry bulk materials, or even wet, sticky materials, at temperatures up to 400°C (752°F).
Weatherproof and dust-free
The Screw Conveyor is completely enclosed, so the conveyance is weatherproof and dust-free, eliminating concerns for contamination of your materials, messes in your plant, or dust in the environment.
Easy inspection and minimal maintenance
Maintenance requirements for our Screw Conveyors are minimal. For instance, bearings may be greased, although this is not strictly necessary (and an automatic grease pump is available as an option). The cover sections are secured by quick-action eccentric locks for easy inspection.
Metered conveying capabilities
Metering is achieved using electric motor drives with fixed or variable speeds, depending on your application’s specific requirements.

Mechanical material movement via Screw Conveyors 

Our Screw Conveyors are designed in lengths up to 10 m (32.8 ft) without intermediate bearings and up to 50 m (164 ft) with intermediate bearings. We supply them with a steel plate trough (standard). The screw pitch is individual for each of the 10 conveyor diameter sizes (shown below) to achieve the lowest necessary power consumption, while providing smooth transport.


Diameters available:

  • 200 mm
  • 315 mm
  • 400 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 630 mm
  • 800 mm
  • 1,000 mm
  • 1,250 mm


Heavy roller-type, grease-packed end bearings are designed to take up axial and radial stresses.


Intermediate block bearings support the screw at 10 m to 12 m (32.8-ft to 39.4-ft) intervals. Built to withstand high temperatures, they comprise Cr-alloyed bearing shells and Cr-Mo-alloyed, specially hardened journals. Intermediate bearings are suspended in open, adjustable bearing bridges.


An automatic grease pump is available as an option.

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