Key Benefits

  • Reduces or eliminates blinding and pegging
  • Light-weight modular screens
  • Flat quarry screen

A lighter, easier modular screen to lift your performance

Here at FLSmidth, we know how much of a problem pegging and blinding is for your operations. A pegged screen not only requires you to stop work to clear the blockage, it also reduces capacity and increases recirculated load, requiring further costs to produce your product. All of this means higher maintenance costs and lower throughput. That’s where our LUDODECK® TIRO™ screens can help.


TIRO panels are an extension of the POLY-VIBE panel, in which smaller panels are snapped onto the support frame of the screen. As with POLY-VIBE, they feature a flat, more active screen surface to reduce build up, increase throughput and all but eliminate the need for maintenance shutdowns. The advantage of our TIRO panels is that only worn panels need to be replaced and they are lighter and easier to handle than traditional woven wire screens, making the job of installing and removing them safer and simpler. They are a great benefit when changing 2nd or 3rd deck screens.


Our LUDODECK TIRO panels are suited to a number of uses, including:

  • sand and gravel industry
  • mineral processing
  • aggregate industry
  • sizing
  • scalping.

Lift performance, reduce downtime with TIRO

Our TIRO screens are designed to help lift the performance of your operations in a cost-effective way and reduce safety concerns when changing worn screen cloths.

Reduces or eliminates blinding and pegging
By utilising a more active surface, our TIRO screens are able to all but eliminate the risk of pegging and blinding. That means you won’t have to worry about unplanned downtime to clear your screens.
Lightweight screens
Our screens are light and easy to handle. This makes them simple and safe to install and remove.
Enhanced performance
On wet days, our TIRO screens have been shown to perform at a similar level to that delivered by conventional woven wire screens on dry days. With our screens, you’ll be able to operate at or close to peak performance regardless of conditions.

Superior screening that's safer and easier


Our TIRO panels are designed with rectangular wires to reduce wear and increase open area. Also, only worn panels need to be replaced and screens are much smaller than full hooked panels. The panels are also lighter and safer for your maintenance teams and can be easily replaced with a mallet.


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