Key Benefits

  • Optimises raw material blending for improved product quality
  • Optimises use of raw materials and additives
  • Enables use of alternative fuels and stricter control over emissions
  • Early detection of feeder starvation enhances operational efficiency
  • Improved energy efficiency

Increased production stability and higher profitability

Do you want superior, steadier raw meal quality, cost-efficient additive control and reduced fuel consumption? Advanced quality control systems minimise variability in raw material proportioning – but not all do it equally well.

Top-quality chemical control you can trust

Our latest generation of QCX/BlendExpert advanced software helps cement plants to rise above the many challenges of consistently producing high quality products at a lower cost. With QCX/BlendExpert, the complex task of controlling varying raw materials is no longer manual. We have taken cement production to a new level. Increasing productivity. Becoming more sustainable. And enhancing product quality.

And with over 700 QCX/BlendExpert applications in operation around the world you know it delivers high quality results – all day, every day.

State-of-the-art technology

QCX/BlendExpert™ is an advanced suite of software applications that performs the complex task of controlling the raw material feed to stockpiles, raw mills and cement mills, or other blending systems. By performing sophisticated analyses of the chemical conditions and automatically adjusting the set-point of material and additive feeders, QCX/BlendExpert gives you superior quality control and greater efficiency. And greater control adds to your sustainability.

The package has a range of applications, with optional add-ons to complement the system’s capabilities: 


  • QCX/BlendExpert – Mill
  • QCX/BlendExpert – Pile
  • QCX/OnlineExpert

Now in its eighth version, QCX/BlendExpert uses the latest control technologies, such as model-based predictive control. Together with today’s powerful PC processors, the software is capable of very complex process simulations and estimations.

Superior chemical control giving your cement plant a competitive edge

To remain competitive in today’s cement industry, it’s essential to tap into the latest technologies. With QCX/BlendExpert, you get the benefit of more than 50 years of innovation, and our vast experience in automating cement production processes.

QCX/BlendExpert meets these challenges head on.

The software optimises raw material blending to improve the quality of your product, and ensures you meet peak quality targets. By minimising the variability in raw material proportioning, the new generation QCX/BlendExpert software lowers lime saturation factor (LSF) standard deviation by up to 60%.

The cost benefits of this unique system give you fast payback on your investment. With less variability in your raw product, there is less thermal stress on your kiln and preheater. This translates as cost savings in lower fuel consumption, and less wear on mechanical parts – meaning a longer lifetime.

Capex budgets are often limited, and the QCX/BlendExpert system can help there too. With better control over your raw materials, there is a reduced need for costly blending silos, for new plant builds. And in existing plants, the system compensates for poorly functioning silos.

Plus, you will find production becomes more cost-efficient. The system ensures you get the best use of your raw materials and additives. Along with reduced fuel consumption, this can add up to real cost savings.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. And we know it is an important part of your business too. With QCX/BlendExpert, you can achieve higher kiln alternative fuel substitution rates without jeopardising the quality of your clinker. And stable kiln operation gives you stricter control over emissions.

We understand you need to operate 24/7/365. So, QCX/BlendExpert helps you achieve that. The system directly monitors feeder operation for fast trouble-shooting, and it has unique capabilities that maintain optimal chemical control during upset conditions. Plus, with stable kiln operation, there is less stress on kiln parts, such as the lining, which means fewer and shorter kiln stops. The end result? Steady production, with less downtime.

Our passion for improving your productivity led us to create a solution that completely automates the complex task of controlling raw materials. The dynamic bias correction gives highly accurate estimates of chemical values, so it eliminates the need for specific sampling and analysis of raw materials into the feeders.

All our screens are intuitive so users get an easy overview and ‘next step’ operation. And as an added option, our 24/7 PlantLine Service Agreements can provide you with expert online monitoring and support, maintenance services, troubleshooting and a range of other services. This means you can leave the quality control up to us, and get on with other important tasks.

A high-tech quality control system designed specifically for cement production 

From the quarry to delivered cement, the QCX/BlendExpert suite of applications optimises your operation.

Advanced blending technology


Its sophisticated algorithms take the accurate analysis from the laboratory XRF, and integrate this with the high frequency, but less precise online analysis results. Taking a range of other process parameters into consideration, the software then continuously corrects the bias of the online analyser to create highly accurate, real-time estimates of chemical composition. Based on these results, the system constantly adjusts the set-point of material and additive feeders to achieve the ideal blend. Driving productivity, and delivering substantial quality improvements.





QCX/BlendExpert software works in tandem with our package of other QCX® quality control solutions, including QCX/AutoSampling and QCX/RoboLab. But it is still compatible with most other plant control and quality control systems, or it can be operated as standalone software. It can be installed on a standard PC, either physical or virtual.


It is designed to work in tandem with QCX/Reporting giving you extensive reporting, trending and alarm handling capabilities.

QCX/BlendExpert - Mill

Reducing manual tasks

QCX/BlendExpert – Mill takes on the complex process of controlling raw material and additive blend to consistently meet product quality targets, with minimum variance. Based on the analysis of the material stream, the software continuously integrates material tonnage and chemical analysis results, comparing the expected raw meal quality with quality targets. The software can adjust the feeders more frequently and reliably than manual control.

And it has a unique ability to handle upset conditions without the need for your operators to intervene. Where other systems would simply switch back to manual control, QCX/BlendExpert software reliably adjusts feeder settings, even in the case that a feeder has been incorrectly calibrated. Where a feeder is in starvation, the system will estimate if it can still reach quality targets in that condition.

In addition, by accurately estimating the chemistry in the feeders at any given time, the need for physical sampling, sample preparation and analysis is greatly reduced. This labour-saving software is a complete system, saving you time and money, and allowing your highly skilled staff to focus on other tasks.

Advanced chemical control

QCX/BlendExpert – Mill gives you real-time control over your chemistry. Raw meal composition is constantly estimated, and changes in the material compositions are assessed as they happen. The software adjusts the feeder set-points taking target chemistry, chemical constraints, process limitations, and material costs into consideration. It gives you accurate, online accounting of individual raw material feed streams and other relevant materials, such as dust, coal, ash, fly ash, alkali and bypass, based on weigh feeder signals.

The innovative silo estimation feature reliably estimates silo content and composition in accordance with applied silo models (continuous, layered or batch) and current product type.

And the handy ‘control tuning’ tool allows you to experiment with different process inputs like feeder settings, material qualities, set points and other variations to see the results.


QCX/BlendExpert - Mill can be configured for any number, type and make of mills. It can be based on any laboratory or online analysis technique, or in any combination of analysers. In addition, it can operate with multiple materials per feeder to meet the demands of modern plant conditions, where material types can rapidly change.

Because QCX/BlendExpert can estimate the fast-varying chemical composition of our fly ash, we can now make special cements which was impossible before.

Quality ManagerCement Plant
QCX/BlendExpert - Pile

Quality stockpile formation using 3D modelling technology

Do you have an accurate picture of your stockpile?

Complete raw material control enables you to make the most of your process. The best raw mix goes in. The highest quality product comes out. Our latest QCX/BlendExpert software with unique Pile feature uses 3D modelling technology to give you the greatest possible insight to your stockpile. What does that mean to your operation? It means:


  • Greater understanding of stockpile composition

  • Reduced need for further blending operations

  • More stable kiln operation

  • Lower fuel consumption and emissions

  • Increased alternative fuel utilisation

  • Optimum product quality


How does it work?

The programme continuously measures material tonnage and chemical analysis, and compares this with the target quality to automatically calculate optimal feed rates. With the addition of a controllable feed device, specified quantities can be fed to the pile automatically. This advanced software has options to optimise your pile tonnage and chemistry any time during pile build up, and even determine optimum pile composition according to material cost.

Now you can engineer your stockpile chemistry so it is as close as possible to raw mill product specifications. You can make the most of the materials in your quarry. You can reduce the consumption of costly additives. This unmatched level of control at the start of your process saves you time and money – and gives you less variance in your end product.

Dynamic accounting capabilities 

What difference could total stockpile control make to your operation? Taking into account the target chemistry, available raw materials in the quarries and material costs, QCX/BlendExpert - Pile is able to give you advanced data in smart, easy-to-read graphs and tables. Not only does it accurately document stockpile chemistry, it presents 3D views of the pile showing the chemistry variations within the layers. And it works the same way whether you have a longitudinal or circular stockpile. Even customised accounting models are available on request.

Advanced analysis methods

QCX/BlendExpert - Pile uses state-of-the-art Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) or Pulsed Fast Thermal Neutron Activation (PFTNA) for the on-line elemental analysis of material streams. But if needed, it can also operate using more traditional methods such as a sampling tower or newer technologies based on light emissions.

New highly advanced 3D modelling 
The highly advanced 3D modelling of the pile chemistry gives a unique opportunity to visualize the chemistry as it is stacked and reclaimed. The better you understand your stockpile, the fewer problems you have at the end cone. 


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QCX/BlendExpert™ V8 optimises plant operation and improves cement grades

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