Key Benefits

  • Proven performers, long-term
  • Hard-wearing and durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Outstanding safety features

Pulverising Mills for high  workloads and fast turnaround

We recognise that you need pulverising mills which are powerful, robust and versatile. They also need to produce accurate samples – incorrect sampling can cost you large sums of money. That’s why we offer the industry-leading Essa® Pulverising Mills, which have been built to offer the best value and top performance. They handle a range of sample sizes, grind samples in minutes, and are ideal for ores, drill samples and industrial minerals.

You want your mills to be easy to operate and always keep operator safety as a top priority. You can tick those off the list with Essa Pulverisers.  

The Essa Pulverising Mill range includes:

  • Essa LM2 Pulverising Mill – the geochemistry industry-standard, a reliable ring mill that prepares up to 1.8 kg of mineral ore for analysis
  • Essa LM5 Pulverising Mill – used for pulverising larger sample size ores, the LM5 is particularly suited to the gold mining industry
  • Essa LM201 Pulverising Mill – a top-of-the-range vibratory mill suited to high-volume laboratories
  • Essa ABM200R Autobatch Mill – available in three configurations to suit specific samples types, this mill has the added bonus of automated cleaning and sample dividing
  • Essa MILLMATE™ – this indispensable lifting aid reduces the effort required to move larger bowls in and out of the mill. 

Ensure reliable grinding of samples over the long-term

Discovering lower grade deposits, catering to improved analytical techniques and increased focus on statistically correct sampling are not just present-day challenges faced by geochemists. They were very real issues in the 1980s.

How did the sample preparation equipment manufacturers respond to these emerging challenges? To go big. To reduce a larger sample to a finer particle size. So, we invented a unique large-capacity “flying saucer” disc and bowl that revolutionised fine pulverising. And we had to engineer powerful mills to drive these big bowls.


Step into a sample preparation lab today and it is likely you will see the legacy of these pioneering developments in the equipment being used.

Proven performers, long-term
Reap the benefits of their proven ability to perform year after year.
Hard wearing and durable
You know you will have minimum downtime when you use these mills and bowls.
Easy to clean and maintain
The detachable access panels mean that maintenance is a simple process with everything within easy reach.
Outstanding safety features
Your workers’ safety has always been top priority. Integrated features such as emergency stop buttons, lid safety switches, pneumatic bowl clamps and systems for safely handling heavy grinding vessels have been refined and implemented over the years.

A complete range of pulverising mills to suit every laboratory application

Essa LM2 Pulverising Mill

You can’t go past this industry-standard ring mill for rapid pulverising of ores, minerals, metallurgical samples, ceramics, soils, aggregates, chemicals and similar particulate. Having processed hundreds of millions of samples across all continents, it has the power of a 2.2 kW driven shaft and prepares up to 1.8 kg of mineral ore sample for analysis.


If you desire flexibility across a wide range of applications, the LM2 is the answer. It can be fitted with a unique 800, 1000 or 2000 cc single-disc type grinding bowl, as well as any standard size ring-and-roller grinding bowl. Optional bowl materials include chrome steel, standard (low chrome) steel and tungsten carbide.


Samples are typically ground to 95% minus 75 micron in approximately three minutes, with the user-friendly pneumatic bowl clamping adding to the efficiency. This also reduces manual handling, as well as the option of having the MILLMATE pneumatic lifting device. The insulated cabinet incorporates effective noise suppression measures and is easy to clean.

High volumes

The trustworthy LM2 is suited to high-volume mineral laboratories. You can also confidently use it in any laboratory remote from the specialised repair services required for integral vibratory motor-driven mills.

LM2 pulverising mill - open

Essa LM5 Pulverising Mill

Like the LM2, the LM5 Pulverising Mill is an industry-standard mill that has been in operation over 30 years and is used by many major commercial laboratories. 

The mill offers great benefit to high-volume mineral laboratories that regularly prepare large samples in the unique Essa single-puck style of bowl. It is often used in series with two or three machines and one operator when larger or harder samples require longer grind times to achieve a finer product.

Top performer

This LM5 is the go-to machine for pulverising larger sample size ores, minerals, metallurgical samples, ceramics, soils, aggregates, chemicals and similar particulate.
A powerful 4 kW electric motor drives the LM5, with it able to take sample volumes up to 5000 cc. Optimal performance is achieved with sample weights of between 2.5 kg and 3.5 kg. It can pulverise most rock types to 90%, passing 75 microns in only six minutes.

Suitable for gold

Different minerals behave differently during pulverisation – brittle minerals will break down whereas some, such as native gold, will just change shape if poorly prepared. The LM5 is a top performer for the gold mining industry, especially where ‘nuggety’ samples are more common.



Unique safety and operational features make the LM5 safe and easy for your workers. A lid safety switch and emergency stop button mean improved safety, and a vacuum gun helps with efficient and safe removal of pulp residue, reducing contamination. The MILLMATE™ air lift crane is supplied as standard for safe operation.

LM5 pulverising mill - cover open

Essa LM201 Pulverising Mill

The Essa LM201 Pulverising Mill is a top-of-the-range vibratory mill suited to high-volume mineral laboratories regularly preparing samples in the unique Essa single-puck style of bowl. 



The user-friendly LM201 can be fitted with 800, 1000 or 2000 cc single disc-type grinding bowls, and the standard size ring-and-roller grinding bowls. It typically grinds to 95% minus 75 micron in approximately three minutes.

It is suited to any laboratory remote from the specialised repair services required for integral vibratory motor-driven mills.



This is the workhorse you need, with the strength and power of a 2.2 kW driven shaft to rapidly grind up to 1.8 kg of ore mineral for analysis. The powder-coated steel frame and panels strengthen the frame and prevent corrosion.

The insulated steel cabinet suppresses noise, and the operation of the MILLMATE™ (supplied as standard) – from either side of the machine – means less manual handling and continuous heavy lifting for your operators.


Easy to maintain

Designed to meet CE compliance, the mill has a steel casing and a number of features for improved maintenance access, costing you less downtime. The motor has been moved to the left-hand side away from the electrical box, and pneumatic and electric controls are separated for extra safety. Maintenance time and costs are also reduced thanks to sealed bearings which remove the requirement for greasing.

LM201 pulverising mill

Essa AMB200R Autobatch Mill

The Essa ABM200R Autobatch Mill is an automated adaptation of the high performing Essa LM2 Pulverising Mill and large capacity 2000 cc bowl assembly. 


Automated cleaning

The ABM’s permanently attached, self-discharging bowl is air blasted and vacuum cleaned between batches, with the residue discharged into the resident dust collection system. Bowl discharge and cleaning is controlled by an on-board programmable logic controller (PLC) which also controls the milling cycle. 


Minimal operator involvement

As well as the automated cleaning function enabling you to minimise operator involvement, the operation process requires them to simply tip the feed sample into a feed hopper, press a ‘start’ button and remove a container that receives the milled sample. 



There are three l configurations available depending on your specific sample types. Parameters such as grind and discharge time, air cleaning cycles and optional sand auto rinse frequency are all programmable and password protected. 

The Autobatch Mill has an inbuilt monitoring and diagnostic system.

Essa® AMB200 Pulverising Mill


The Essa MILLMATE is a pneumatically actuated lifting aid for reducing the manual effort required when moving larger ring mill bowls between the Essa Pulveriser Mills and the workbench. 


Easy operation

The special purpose radial slewing MILLMATE hoist is mounted on a vertical mast that fits conveniently between the mill and workbench. The cradle is manually manoeuvred by the operator to pick up and set down the bowl, meaning less fatigue for your operator.

Two thumb-operated push buttons in-built into the cradle control the hoisting motion. The hoist supports the whole bowl assembly in a ‘weightless’ condition during the transfer and requires very little operator effort.


The MILLMATE can be retrofitted to an existing machine or fitted with the installation of a new mill. Adaptors are available for smaller bowls.


Increased productivity

The sampling process is sped up thanks to the quick and simple operation of the MILLMATE which reduces manual handling.


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