Key Benefits

  • High productivity
  • Simple operation
  • Safe to operate
  • Decreased downtime and maintenance costs

Jaw crushers for powerful crushing across a range of applications

Essa Jaw Crushers have set the industry standard for over 30 years so you can be assured the designs have stood the test of time. They offer fast sample throughput with good reduction ratio and reduced sample contamination.

Low maintenance and cost-effective

The crushers are easy to maintain and repair, and have hard-wearing parts, such as the long-life roller bearings and strong jaw plates. These decrease downtime and maintenance costs – important factors that affect your bottom line. Additionally, their simple mechanical design makes them easy and safe to operate.


Four sizes available

  • Essa JC1000 Jaw Crusher – a low-cost, versatile crusher designed for crushing smaller samples up to 85 mm across a wide range of industries
  • Essa JC2000 Jaw Crusher – a “workhorse” engineered to be the industry standard crusher in the geochemistry laboratory
  • Essa JC3000 Jaw Crusher – a heavy-duty primary jaw crusher used in sample preparation and plant applications
  • Essa JC5000 Jaw Crusher – a rugged, general purpose jaw crusher and proven performer in pilot plants and sampling towers

High productivity, low maintenance and powerful jaw crushers

With high productivity and low maintenance costs being a priority, Essa has designed these sturdy machines to operate efficiently and safely. The mechanics have been kept simple for easy repair so that downtime is kept to a minimum.

  • High productivity: these machines are capable of fast and efficient crushing
  • Simple operation: designed with a mechanically simple single toggle, the jaw crushers are reliable and easy to maintain and repair.
  • Safe to operate: worker safety is kept in mind with full drive guard for occupational health and safety compliance, and dust extraction points to improve the operating environment.
  • Decreased downtime and maintenance costs: long-life roller bearings, heavy-duty frames, shafts and motors and robust wear plates stand up under high load capacity.

An Essa Jaw Crusher to suit every coarse crushing need

Essa JC1000 Jaw Crusher


The Essa JC1000 Jaw Crusher is the smallest of the range. It is a medium-duty, entry-level machine designed for crushing smaller samples across a wide range of applications. Known in the industry as a steady-going and reliable machine, it is productive and hardy, with reduced operating and spare parts costs.


Simple and compact design

To maximise your available space, the JC1000 has a compact footprint. It is mounted on a sturdy floor stand and is fitted with an ergonomically designed feed hopper and easily accessible aluminium sample drawer. It features a simple stop/start button. Along with a dust extraction point to remove airborne dust, these features improve the operating environment and reduce sample contamination.


High performing

The JC1000 accepts a variety of sample types up to 85 mm. It has a good reduction ratio with 6 mm product size and 250 kg/hr throughput. A single toggle and easy jaw gap adjustment add to its uncomplicated operation and control features. The jaw plates are made from hard-wearing BISALLOY® Wear steel, further reducing sample contamination.

Essa JC2000 Jaw Crusher


The Essa JC2000 Jaw Crusher is known as a “workhorse” in the industry, and for good reason. It is dependable, hard-wearing, and has proven itself in exploration and grade control primary sample crushing across the exploration and mining industries. Suitable for drill core, rock chip and grab samples, it is the industry standard crusher for the geochemistry laboratory.


The JC2000 allows for higher crushing capacity than the JC1000, and offers a second dust extraction point and a stronger, stainless steel sample drawer.



Its two installation options offer improved flexibility. Choose an upright, stand-alone configuration or a low-profile bench-mountable version. Both can easily be configured to operate in a sampling station or pilot plant application.



This crusher represents excellent value and promises high productivity for any laboratory, field or plant application. The mechanically simple single toggle design is reliable and easy to maintain and repair.


The crusher accepts samples up to 110 mm and has a very good reduction ratio with 6 mm product size. It delivers rapid and powerful crushing at 500 kg/hr throughput.

Essa JC3000 Jaw Crusher


The heavy-duty, general purpose Essa JC3000 Jaw Crusher is a well proven, highly productive primary crusher used in sample preparation and plant applications. More powerful than the JC2000, it is suitable for higher workloads and can handle large core and lump crushing. It effectively crushes soft to very hard ore, drill core, rock and similar particulate.


You are offered flexible installation options, with the machine available in upright stand-alone or low-profile configuration. The low-profile configuration has a fabricated steel base for mounting on a support frame or concrete footing.


The single toggle JC3000 has been tried and tested for analytical and metallurgical laboratory use. It is well regarded as a high performing, low maintenance choice. It has large input feed size up to 170 mm, with an efficient reduction ratio with 24 mm product size and rapid crushing at 3000 kg/hr throughput.


Extended life

Standard features include rugged, fabricated steel construction, electric pre-wiring with an IP65-enclosed stop/start and motor protection station. The vertically serrated chrome steel jaw plates are reversible and interchangeable for extended life.


Safety features

With safety a top priority, the JC3000’s features include full drive guarding. The two dust extraction points remove airborne dust at the inlet and sample drawer, greatly improving the health of the operating environment. There’s also an ergonomically designed feed hopper and easily accessible aluminium sample drawer.

Essa JC5000 Jaw Crusher


The rugged and dependable Essa JC5000 Jaw Crusher is the largest model in the Essa range. It has a throughput five times as large as the next model down, at 15,000 kg/hr. It also has a larger input feed size up to 250 mm, with a 30 mm product size.


Powered for tough jobs

Typical applications include primary crushing of large lump ore in sampling stations and pilot plants, the pre-crushing of materials being prepared for analytical or metallurgical laboratory use, and in industrial production facilities. The JC5000 is suitable for soft to very hard ore, rock and large industrial particulate. Its flexibility of use allows for continuous or batch use in laboratory and plant applications. It is a highly desirable crusher, requiring fewer processes and less handling.


Ease of maintenance

The crusher has a number of features which make it easy to maintain and repair. These include the mechanically simple single toggle and the jaw gap adjustment mechanism. It offers extended wear part life with the reversible and interchangeable manganese steel jaw plates. The long-life roller bearings allow for a high load capacity and also decrease downtime and maintenance costs.


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