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Fast drying times and maximum durability

If you are looking for an oven that can easily dry wet mineral samples for chemical analysis the Essa® DO-Series Drying Ovens’ ability will impress you. The ovens are well proven and suit a range of application and sample loads, from grab and core to granular and filter cake sampling. They are cost effective and can be used ahead of crushing and pulverising, saving you valuable time.


We offer two sizes, the robust Essa DO1 model, the smallest oven in the range, and the slightly larger and highly flexible Essa DO2 model. We can recommend the best option for you based on your operational requirements.


Time-saving and designed to last

Electrically heated, both ovens are highly capable and efficient. They can reach temperatures up to 120°C. Their walls are well insulated, and the 5 mm steel-plate floor and positive door closure ensures maximum thermal efficiency and consistency of performance ensuring they are safe, effective and efficient.


We are sure that the uniform nature of these ovens’ will optimise your drying process and improve turnaround times.


They have been specifically engineered to withstand the corrosive environment inherently created within them which is why they feature a powder-coated exterior and are lined in stainless-steel. This ensures a long lifespan and significantly minimises the risk of sample contamination.


Keeping workers safe

Both ovens are set on a trolley-type design, complete with mesh shelving making them extremely user friendly with excellent sample mobility. The large-diameter steel wheels are smooth and make the trolleys easy to move about the laboratory. The trolleys also eliminate the need for workers to manually lift heavy samples reducing the likelihood of worker injury.


Sample loading and unloading is quick and easy, meaning less time between sample loads which in turn leads to a significant reduction in electricity costs and a decrease in the loss of heat between each load.


We are proud to offer the Essa DO Series Drying Ovens as they are extremely safe and have been designed with workers’ personal safety in mind. They are energy efficient, robust in nature and will ensure that you can increase productivity within your sample drying processes.


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