Key Benefits

  • Control and track all aspects of the laboratory
  • Drive up utilisation and availability
  • Reduce costs of downtime and unscheduled breakdowns
  • Easy-to-use software interface
  • Real-time monitoring, visualisation and scheduling

ControlTrack – your fully-automated laboratory monitoring partner

The ControlTrack Maintenance (CT-M) is a fully automated, web-based, preventive maintenance logging and tracking system that provides real time information on the running and maintenance of your laboratory. It’s designed to provide rigorous and continual performance monitoring and also offers a series of tools that help with scheduling and inventory planning.

Modules include:


  • Breakdown statistics – A collection of systematically sorted breakdowns prepared to identify the causes and the required steps to repair them.
  • Performance KPIs – A detailed analysis of real time data in an easy-to-read dashboard, helping you to improve and optimize specific systems and machines to their full capacity.
  • Sample flow visualisation – An interactive visualisation of sample data that helps identify and prevent possible areas of flow congestion.
  • Shift scheduling – A convenient scheduling tool that allows for the systematic integration and tracking of rostering data.
  • Interactive dashboards – An information management tool that visually tracks and analyses key data to monitor performance.
  • Automated reports – A collection of automatically generated reports tailored to requirements, distributed in a platform-independent manner.
  • Inventory tracking – A framework for precise and efficient inventory tracking that displays key information about the status of parts.
  • Maintenance scheduling – A centralised organisation of tools required for the automatic and efficient scheduling of maintenance tasks.

Faster, more efficient monitoring to optimise laboratory performance

Orchestrate Maintenance
Automatically schedule and track maintenance tasks against real time smart maintenance triggers.
Increase overall operational efficiency
Optimise system throughput by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks and improving flow rates.
Reduce Downtime
Identify the origins of breakdowns and present users with possible causes and solutions for the breakdown.
Accelerate time to value
Deliver value faster and more cost-effectively using our cohesive platform with pre-integrated components that automatically gather, aggregate, compile, and use data in various ways. This includes quality and maintenance initiatives, benchmarking and reporting services, minimising the effort and expertise required to operationalise big data insights and opportunities.
Improve visibility and decision making
Empower users to delve deep into massive amounts of raw or processed data with additional self-service capabilities when needed.
Increase productivity
Automate repetitive tasks with our integrated reporting platform to reduce manual processing and augment data management, giving valuable time back to employees and making the overall laboratory more productive.

Maximise laboratory performance with automated maintenance management

Interactive Dashboards

The dashboard module is an information management tool that visually tracks, analyses and displays key performance indicators, metrics and other key data points to monitor the performance of the entire laboratory, a particular system or a specific process. Dashboards provide the most efficient way to track multiple data sources because it offers a central location for you to monitor and analyse performance. Real-time monitoring reduces the hours of analysing and long line of communication, while fully customizable interactive dashboards enable you to create an unlimited number of visual overviews. Whether it is tracking sample weights and turnaround time or understanding overdue work and low stock items, dashboards allow for quick analysis and informational awareness.

Breakdown Statistics

The breakdowns module provides you with a clean and distraction-free view of system breakdowns. It also allows you to investigate and evaluate the breakdowns within the entire site, a particular system or a specific machine. Breakdowns can be sorted by several categories such as active or manual breakdowns. Furthermore, you have the freedom to view and add additional information, such as assigning a possible cause for the breakdown or a procedure for repair for each individual breakdown. CT-M automatically collects and stores machine related breakdown information, allowing you to view a history of breakdowns together with the specifics of each breakdown.

Customisable Reports

The goal of the reports module is simple; it gives you the information required to monitor the overall system or the individual machine performance and make intelligent, real-time decisions based on the reported information. The reports module was created with the principles that flexibility is key and ease-of-use paramount, so you can automatically generate reports in a wide range of formats that can be viewed on any device. We can tailor your reports to your needs, from the way they look to how – and how often – they are sent out.

Inventory Tracking

The spare parts module provides you with the necessary framework for precise inventory tracking.

You can import spare parts for any given site, view manuals and technical documents, track usage of your machines and know the status and precise location of their parts order.

Maintenance Scheduling

The maintenance module gives you the framework to maintain machines efficiently and conveniently. You can assign maintenance tasks to specific machines, plus attach procedures to guide maintainers and streamline machine maintenance. 

Plus, supervisors are provided with a built-in scheduler that allows for the automatic creation of work orders for different technicians. Automatic scheduling can be set up based on number of samples processed, a particular time period or any other user defined criteria.


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