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We’ve been supplying sampling systems to the mining and cement industries for many decades. That’s decades of product development and decades of listening to feedback from customers like you. Our engineers have used that experience and knowledge to build a range of sampling systems suited to the needs of modern operations.

Accurate sampling is a core requirement for any well-run minerals or cement operation. Having results you can trust allows you to make better process and quality control decisions for your business. We use proven international sampling standards and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you always have accurate results.

When you choose us, you’ll know your product is in good hands.

Essa® Dry Bulk Sampling Systems

We design and manufacture mechanical sampling equipment that uses proven and accepted procedures to ensure you get a truly representative sample.

Essa samplers conform to international standards and protocols for the primary and subsequent sampling of ores, coal, particulate solids, slurries and other free flowing bulk materials. We take great care to design equipment that will meet your operational, functional and commercial needs, while complying with occupational health and safety standards.

Our experts understand your business and are ready to assist you in the design and implementation of your sampling system solution. With our technical know-how on your side, you can maximise the benefits of a well-designed, reliable sampling system to inform your commercial decision-making.

Our sampling equipment range can be integrated into the supply chain at every critical point to improve product quality, increase throughput, and enhance competitive market positioning.


Essa® Slurry Sampling Systems

Our slurry sampling solutions support mineral processing operations to achieve their objectives of improving and optimising process performance and efficiency by providing the data required to take control actions or make changes.

Our slurry sampling solutions have high availability and low maintenance. They centre on providing truly representative samples of continuous flows wherever possible. However, they extend beyond the samplers themselves to consider sampler location, pipe routing, and more. We understand your objectives – will the sample be used for metallurgical accounting, process control, quality control automated or manual control, or some combination – and then we recommend a sampling solution


QCX® Sampling Systems

We are the supplier of choice for sampling solutions in the cement industry, supplying a wide range of powder and granular material samplers. For cement plants, we offer a complete product programme covering all facets of process sampling, from raw material to cement despatch.

We have a pragmatic approach to sampler design and deliver well performing and proven sampling solutions that support the production process throughout the cement plant – including monitoring chemical processes and product quality, process optimisation, and checking silo homogenisation.

Our cement sampling solutions are often the foundation for added services, such as automated sample transport tube systems, robotic sample preparation and analysis cells, as well as software solutions for quality optimisation.


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