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Accurate sampling is a core requirement for any well-run minerals or cement operation. Having results you can trust allows you to make better process and quality control decisions for your business.


We have been supplying sampling systems to the mining and cement industries for many decades. That is decades of product development and decades of listening to feedback from customers like you. Our engineers have used that experience and knowledge to build a range of sampling systems suited to the needs of modern operations.


We use proven international sampling standards and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you always have accurate results.


When you choose our samplers, you can expect:


  • Reliable, representative sampling
  • Optimised process performance and efficiency
  • Easy-to-configure systems
  • Cost efficiencies and a long life
  • Safety for your operators.


Our sampling range includes:


  • Essa® Dry Bulk Sampling Systems – our systems include linear and rotary falling stream samplers, sample collection units, and equipment for sample transport and size reduction. From small operators to high tonnage mineral processing plants and ore shipment loading, we have dry bulk samplers suitable for all stages in your process.


  • Essa® Slurry Sampling Systems – our gravity and pressure pipe samplers have high availability and low maintenance. They provide truly representative samples of continuous flows and the data to take control actions or make changes.


  • Cross Belt Sampling Systems – suited to sampling coal, coke, crushed stone and a variety of ores, these systems can be easily retrofitted to an existing conveyor and configured to your needs – from single-stage sampling to multistage systems, and incorporate crushing, discrete sub-sampling and reject handling.


  • Sampling System Dryers – keep your samples moving during the drying process with our sampling system dryers. Our belt dryer offers gentle and quick drying, our vibration feeder is suited to large samples and our drum dryer rapidly dries sticky samples.   



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