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Automated Analysers for Cement Production

Producing the highest quality cement in the most cost-effective way is vital to your bottom-line - that’s why our
QCX® sample analyser range has been designed to test a wide range of powder samples giving you quick, accurate results you can count on.

With extremely high levels of automation, user-friendly designs and the ability to operate 24/7, you get round the clock results automatically delivered to your management system, resulting in safer, more cost-efficient practices.


QCX® FL800 Free Lime Analyser

You can rely on the QCX® FL800 to pinpoint the ideal free lime value of clinker to ensure optimum energy consumption, fuel savings and decreased CO2 emissions.

An important predictor of the quality of your cement, free lime can be measured and examined by the QCX FL800 in any cement production laboratory or process line.


QCX® AB800 Blaine Analyser

The particle size of cement plays a crucial role in its quality, affecting hydration, strength, surface area to volume and bleeding.

This user-friendly machine analyses the Blaine value (fineness or particle size) of cement to ensure it has been ground correctly, analysing up to 16 different material types at a time.


QCX® ACS820 Automatic Carbon Sulphur Analyser

Able to operate independently for long periods, the QCX® ACS820 analyses carbon and sulphur in cement and other powder samples including clinker, ceramics, ores and minerals.

Available in a range of configurations, it can be customised to suit your laboratory, with samples able to be received from an exchangeable rack, sampling system or robot.


Online Analysis for Mineral Processing

We know high-quality slurry analysis is a cornerstone requirement for mineral processing plants. You need a slurry sampling system that is not only accurate but can be easily configured to suit your operations. Our PERI™ Online Slurry Analysis System is a technologically advanced, customisable solution for your plant.


PERI™ Online Slurry Analysis System

Our PERI™ Online Slurry Analysis System allows you to analyse multiple mineral streams quickly, with results often available in less than a minute.


Highly accurate and flexible, it been successfully implemented on a number of base metal concentrator applications, including copper concentrate, tailings streams and lead-zinc and molybdenum plants. It is also able to analyse a variety of other minerals, including titanium, nickel, zirconium, tungsten and uranium.


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