Accurate fuel dosing  whatever your fuel type

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A rotor weighfeeder for your burning process

You have a host of fuels to choose from. Optimum combustion requires accurate dosing that takes into account the variables of your fuel and doses based on fuel weight rather than time. That’s why we use gravimetric weighing technology in all our rotor weighfeeders: Whatever your fuel mix, the precisely calculated feed rate will provide for the best burning conditions.

Our range of rotor weighfeeders comprises options for traditional and alternative fuels. The PFISTER® DRW is a dosing system for pulverised fuels. The PFISTER® FRW/SRW and TRW are best suited to highly abrasive and hot products. While the PFISTER® TRW-SD is a multi-fuel system for dosing all kinds of solid waste fuels. All our equipment is designed for long service life and low maintenance, with minimal moving parts and easy access


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