Key Benefits

  • Data capture direct from your gas analysis system
  • Automatically runs STA (short-term average) and LTA (long-term avergae) calculations
  • Secure storage for a minimum of 5 years
  • No stress operation or maintenance

Measure, collect and report your emissions data with ReportLoq

Heavy industry bears a hefty environmental burden. Dangerous emissions levels can have a severe impact, not just on the local area but also further afield. The fish we eat. The air we breathe.


Many industries, and especially the cement industry, are making great strides to reduce the levels of harmful emissions coming from their process. But we can’t manage what we don’t know. Which is why gas analysis and emissions reporting have become such a critical aspect of manufacturing.



Turning CEMS data into meaningful analysis

The analysis system takes thousands of measurements a day, but those measurements are largely meaningless until calculations are performed to turn them into short term averages (STA) and long term averages (LTA), the figures local authorities want. Thousands of measurements a day. Millions of calculations a year. The data is overwhelming. Traditional reporting solutions simply can’t handle it. And you’re supposed to store that information for 5 years? Where? How?

Recognising these challenges, ReportLoq was developed - a browser-based environmental reporting system that enables you to measure, collect and report emissions data. It measures data every 10 seconds and stores that information for a minimum of five years, either on a local server or in the cloud. ReportLoq is delivered by our skilled supplier Olicem, an environmental reporting specialist. 



Compliant, safe emissions data storage

Because we recognise that different organisations have different requirements, Olicem's ReportLoq is available in three versions – ReportLoq Soft, ReportLoq+ and ReportLoq+ Cloud. In the two latter, all data is initially stored on an onsite controller and server that collects all environmental data direct from the analysis equipment as raw values. You can then opt to keep the data on your local server (both ReportLoq+ and ReportLoq+ Cloud) or transfer it to the secure Olicem data centre (ReportLoq+ Cloud only), a cloud-based backup option that means you don’t have to worry about onsite storage, server limits or system maintenance. Both the onsite server and the cloud can store a minimum of 5 years of data and, for extra security, the controller stores data for up to 30 days. Even longer storage is also available if required. ReportLoq Soft is delivered as "software only", and data is thus stored on the server on which the software is installed.



Complex data requires a smart environmental reporting system

ReportLoq gives operating technicians the opportunity to monitor the current emissions data, not only as raw values, but also QAL2 and QAL3 corrected, normalised and validated values. Comments can be printed or emailed for reporting internally or externally. ReportLoq also provides real-time online calculations, enabling you to predict and prevent exceedances. The system is also smart enough to recognise that values recorded during shutdown, calibration and analyser faults should not affect calculations.


ReportLoq helps organise your environmental reporting, providing a solution that complies with statutory requirements. Plus, it’s MCERTS certified, confirming that data is handled with care and not subject to obscure or secret manipulation.


Waste incineration plants, large combustion plants, cement factories, and similar operators must comply with ever more stringent environmental regulations – which are constantly updated and revised. Our supplier, Olicem, is always on top of the latest in emissions regulations, including gas analysis, reporting, and potential future legislation. And this insight is used into the regulatory domain to keep ReportLoq up-to-date, so you can be sure your reporting complies with the most current requirements.

Reliable, certified emissions analysis and reporting in real-time

The amount of data being produced by your gas analysis system is incredible. But it’s also overwhelming. Handing this task to a computer program that can run millions of calculations without breaking a sweat gives you the reassurance that your environmental reporting is being done right.

ReportLoq captures your emissions data as raw values, direct from your gas analysis system. There’s no interference, no need to press any buttons. It’s taken care of. These raw values are interesting to the operating technicians, who can use the data to predict compliance or exceedance and adjust the process accordingly. But most local authorities want reports on average short-term and long-term emissions (STA and LTA), which requires a host of complex calculations. ReportLoq automatically carries out these calculations, prepares the reports and can even submit them direct to the local authority. It’s MCERT certified, which means the local authority – and you – can trust in those figures completely. 

Flexible – to your needs, and to changing times

Many local authorities want you to store your emissions data for five years. We offer three versions of the ReportLoq reporting system, designed to best suit your needs. ReportLoq Soft, ReportLoq+ and ReportLoq+ Cloud all include onsite storage for a minimum of 5 years on a local server. ReportLoq+ Cloud also includes cloud-based backup to the Olicem Data Centre where we can offer offsite data storage with the highest levels of security.

ReportLoq is continuously developed to enhance functionality and ensure compliance with applicable legislation. The annual service contract includes license maintenance and is a prerequisite for modifications to the installation, including:


  • Adding new environmental approvals
  • Making revisions to reflect analyser replacements
  • Starting environmental reporting for newly acquired combustion lines

All upgrades are performed online, making sure you have the most up-to-date emissions reporting software without any technological complications.

Three versions – one great emissions analysis solution 

ReportLoq Soft, ReportLoq+ and ReportLoq+ Cloud all provide effective environmental reporting in pyro processing plants, including:

  • Preventive calculations
  • Real-time surveillance
  • A QAL module
  • Storage of historical alarms and exceedances 
  • MCERTS certified reports
Real-time monitoring helps you stay within authorised emissions limits and MCERTS certification demonstrates that all of your emissions measurements are appropriately managed and calculated. 
ReportLoq+ Cloud
The ReportLoq+ Cloud version connects to the cloud to give you worry-free backups and access. You benefit from the simplicity of ReportLoq’s on-the-go monitoring and reporting.

The ReportLoq+ version gives you onsite data storage and the same basic reporting features of all ReportLoq versions.

ReportLoq Soft

The ReportLoq Soft version gives you the same full, local functionality as the other versions, and it collects data using OPC UA.

It’s easy to pick the right version

ReportLoq’s three versions all provide effective environmental reporting in pyro processing plants, including preventive calculations, real-time surveillance, a QAL module, storage of historical alarms and exceedances, and MCERTS certified reports.

  • ReportLoq+ Cloud gives you a comprehensive solution for emissions monitoring and reporting with online access and worry-free data storage. It includes remote cloud-based backups, email reporting, data exporting, integrated remote service diagnostics, and the flexibility to access information from anywhere. It delivers an efficient, full-scale solution for plants with several physical locations and is installed and commissioned by Olicem experts.
    Do you want the security and accessibility that comes with cloud backups?
    Do you need remote access to emissions reporting from wherever you are?
    Do you want to be able to turn back the clock and correct measured values?


  • ReportLoq+ keeps you in compliance with EN 17255. Your data is stored locally in a stand-alone system, without cloud backups. It is installed and commissioned by Olicem experts.
    Do you want environmental reporting with local, noncloud data storage? 
    Do you want Olicem's experts to install and commission the system?


  • ReportLoq Soft keeps you in compliance with EN 17255 where you install and commission the system yourself.
    Would you like to install and commission ReportLoq yourself?

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