Key Benefits

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Complete discharge
  • Modular system
  • "First-in - first-out" principle

Customized Reception Hopper to receive and discharge materials

This fail-safe Reception Hopper offers a reliable solution with its extraction system that ensures blockages don’t slow your operations down.

Screw bottom or rotor arm for steady flow

With its sturdy and high-quality design, the Reception Hopper minimises the risk of blockages. Several screws or a rotating arm at the bottom of the hopper ensure a steady flow of material and the complete discharge of the hopper.


The feeding of the hopper can be executed in various ways, for example front-end loaders, and cranes among others.



Customised to meet your needs, each hopper is manufactured only when ordered. The range is available up to 100 m³.

Discharge materials without blockages with sturdy Reception Hopper

The storage and discharge of non-free-flowing materials requires the use of proven and field-tested systems in all application areas and industries. Optimised material transport can only be ensured through specially designed discharge systems.

Our discharge and conveying systems equipment, including the Reception Hopper, are specifically designed for each respective bulk material. In this way, a safe discharge and low energy consumption are achieved.

Easy to install and maintain
Substantial mechanical parts which need to be operated or maintained are easily accessible.
Complete discharge
Our reception hopper offers reliable complete discharge, even with non-free-flowing bulk materials.
Modular system
The reception hopper, with a reliable and sturdy design, can be customised to fit your needs due to its modular layout. It has a variable design depending on the bunker cross-section, and features volumetric metering via transverse discharge screw.
"First-in - first-out" principle
The material first loaded into the hopper is the first to be discharged. 

Sturdy and reliable Reception Hopper for receiving bulk material

Flexible storage

The Reception Hopper with screw bottom is the ideal solution for the reception, intermediate storage and discharge of bulk materials. The materials can be fed directly into the hopper in various ways, e.g. wheel loader, crane or similar. Screw conveyors arranged in parallel on the bottom of the hopper provide for a complete discharge of the bulk materials into the subsequent discharge screw.


Rotor activator

Our Reception Hopper has rotor activators, which have proven themselves in a wide range of application areas, manifold designs and a variety of bulk materials.

The strengths of the rotor activators are:

  • Variable arrangement of the discharge screw
  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • System-specific integration into the circular silo
  • “First-in – first out” principle.

Volumetric extraction

The Reception Hopper is part of our extensive product portfolio which includes Feedex, Rotor Activator, Twistex Rotor Activator, Push Floor Activator, Sliding Frame Activator, and Drag Chain Conveyor. All of the discharge systems are usually delivered in combination with extraction screw conveyors, which are commonly designed with flights increasing in pitch. They are installed over the entire length and width of the outlet opening. Volumetric dosing is achieved using electric motor drives with fixed or variable speeds depending on the individual requirements of the application.


Metered discharge

The discharge takes place via screw conveyors featuring a progressive pitch for volumetric pre-metering. This means the screw conveyors remove the material over the whole length of the silo opening at a constant or variable speed.


Rotor activator with rigid arm

The rotor activator with a rigid arm is the economical solution for small silos and our reception hopper.


Twistex – the proven rotor activator for non-free-flowing bulk material

KOCH Twistex is the optimal solution for the discharge of non-free-flowing bulk materials from large silos. With its innovative design, the Twistex combines the advantages of movable, swinging arms with an electromechanical drive combination. Entirely without hydraulic components, the swivel-type discharge arms keep the bulk material in the silo in continuous motion. Bridging is therefore reliably avoided and optimum silo discharge is ensured. The complete swivel mechanism is stored in the rotor housing, protected from wear. The entire structure is consistently designed to be maintenance-friendly.

Twistex – the strong points

  • Ideal for all non-free-flowing bulk materials
  • Optimum silo discharge
  • Control of the discharge arm via specially developed, low-wear mechanics
  • Modular system for different silo volumes and diameters
  • Fits into existing drive units of silo discharge equipment from other manufacturers
  • Low maintenance and repair costs

Steady filling ensured

The Reception Hopper is prepared for frequency drive operation. If you need more output, you can drive the screws faster; and similarly, if you need lower output, you can drive the screws more slowly. The results are that your hopper is filled steadily and doesn’t run out of materials.

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