Key Benefits

  • Improved safety
  • Increased flexibility
  • Higher profits

Effective Radial Stackers for the full range of conveyor equipment

Before you can turn your mined materials into profit, you need to get them out of the ground and ready to process

Conveyors make this possible, moving raw material and depositing it for easier access — often in stacks. Unfortunately, conveyors can only stack material so high before they have to be moved. This means shutting down operation, relocating heavy equipment and then having to get everything up and running again. This means more downtime and less throughput.


To combat these issues, we offer advanced Radial Stacker solutions.



How FLSmidth Radial Stackers Work

FLSmidth Radial Stackers work in conjunction with many other mobile conveyors such as Portable Conveyors or Mobile Stacking Conveyors. These Stackers rest on a wheel appliance, which runs on a track forming a radial semicircle around the equipment. As material is deposited and a stack grows to full capacity, the equipment operator can easily reposition the conveyor, beginning a new stack without having to halt the process or worry about time-consuming equipment relocation.

The end result is better throughput, less downtime and the improved profits that go along with them. At the same time, Radial Stackers reduce the risk of injury associated with moving heavy equipment, cut down on required labor expenses and reduce the overall environmental impact of your mining operation.


And with our mining advisory services, we can help ensure that you always have the right solution to fit your situation. We put a century’s worth of mining experience to work for you, so you can relax knowing that your getting the most out of your conveyor systems.

Safer, more flexible and highly cost effective — Radial Stacker

Improved safety

A Radial Stacker solution eliminates the need to movie conveyor vehicles to create new material stacks. And given that a large percentage of work-site injuries occur while vehicles are being moved, this results in a safer operation overall.

Increased flexibility
Radial Stackers can be used in conjunction with a range of mining conveyor systems, increasing equipment flexibility and ensuring effectiveness in more applications.
Higher profits
Radial Stackers improve throughput, reduce energy and operating costs and cut down on equipment down time. Together, these advantages translate into fewer costs and better profits for your business.

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