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QCX/BlendExpert: the essential ingredient for quality cement

Over the past 50 years, we’ve been perfecting our quality control systems, so you can perfect your product.

​In today’s modern cement industry, your competitiveness relies on being able to produce a high-quality product, at low cost. Optimal raw material blending and stockpiling, efficient fuel use, stable kiln operation and accurate analysis are all vital to your success.

​That’s where we can help.

Our QCX technologies offer a complete solution for quality control in cement production – from sampling and sample preparation to analysis and reporting. And our quality optimisation software – QCX/BlendExpert – fits seamlessly into this integrated package. It takes care of raw material and additive blending, online accounting and reporting. It also has a range of add-on modules that can help you make the most of the materials in your quarry, or let you experiment with different blends and production recipes.


QCX/BlendExpert ensures you have a continuous flow of reliable data to regulate your material blending. Giving you superior quality control, saving costs and producing exceptional results.


The QCX Quality Optimisation package has a number of components:

QCX/BlendExpert™ – Mill

QCX/BlendExpert – Mill controls the blending of raw materials and additives to raw mills. The advanced model based predictive programming system calculates the ideal feeder set-points taking a whole range of factors into consideration including chemistry, tonnages, process limitations and material costs. When adjusting the feeder setpoints to accommodate the correct chemistry it can estimate and automatically compensate for any feeder off-set.


This advanced logic is vital to come as close to target chemistry as possible in a process with varying limestone qualities and fluctuating additive quality. The advanced software can handle filter dust and other additives which are dosed to the process stream after the raw mill.


And this is the great advantage of the QCX/BlendExpert package. Aside from improvements to the quality of your clinker it also results in less wear on machinery and greater fuel economy, adding up to real cost savings and less downtime. And having this type of control over your chemistry can open up new possibilities for the use of alternative fuels.


One of the game-changers in the QCX/BlendExpert system is the way it combines the fast and frequent online analysis results with the less regular but more precise laboratory XRF analysis to create highly accurate estimations of chemical composition. This means that every result from the online analyser is verified against the more accurate data obtained by the laboratory, to continuously calculate the bias compensation for the online analyser.


QCX/OnlineExpert handles all the data from a range of online analysers, such as PGNAA, PFTNAA and NIR, and uses complex algorithms to determine the bias. The resulting chemical predictions are highly accurate – the raw material estimator has proven to be as accurate as physical samples. With this dynamic chemical estimation system in place, you no longer need to perform the time consuming and sometimes hazardous work of manually sampling raw materials.

QCX/BlendExpert™ – Pile

QCX/BlendExpert – Pile gives you accurate online accounting of raw materials on the stockpile. The software can control the raw material feed so you can build up your stockpiles as close as possible to raw mill chemistry specifications. Optimising your feed in this way lets you make the most of the materials in your quarry and gives you consistent product quality in line with your chemical targets.


The online accounting features give you comprehensive information on the chemical make-up of completed stockpiles and details within a single stockpile. And it will alert you if the predicted chemistry of a stockpile or layer is out-of-range, so you can keep your quality consistent.


This flexible system can be used for a variety of pile layouts, including both circular and longitudinal stockpiles.


Answering the growing demand on cement producers for quality documentation and audit trails, QCX/Reporting gives you comprehensive reporting capabilities. It is designed to operate with QCX/BlendExpert to generate reports for shift, day, month and chemical performance. With a minimum of two years of data storage in the QCX database, it generates an extensive and flexible range of reports including trend curves. You can set the system up for automatic reporting, maintenance scheduling, and alarm handling. Graphs and tables make the reports simple to read so you can track your system performance with ease.

QCX/BlendExpert™ V8 optimises plant operation and improves cement grades

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