Preheater calciner systems with effective emissions control, flexible design

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Our cyclone preheater calciners have flexible design for easy upgrades

As your preheater needs change and grow, our line of systems is ready to adapt and grow with you.

New, more stringent emissions requirements? Our cyclone preheater calciner systems offer effective emissions control for NOx and other gases. Fuel and power prices changing? Our systems optimise fuel and power consumption to save you money and improve efficiency. Using alternative fuels? Our systems are highly suitable for solid waste, including textile waste and paper waste.

We’re proud of our flexible design that makes upgrades easy. And our preheater calciner systems are thoroughly tested and one of the most reliable in the business. They’re also straightforward and easy to operate.
Optimised for you

Every one of our FLSmidth preheater calciner systems is optimised for the individual situation in which it will be used. We made our first FLSmidth In-Line Calciner in 1976 and have decades of experience delivering solutions for each plant’s specific challenges.

We can also upgrade almost any existing kiln system to a cutting-edge ILC, even if it originally came from another supplier. Whether you have a conventional suspension preheater or another type of calciner system or even a long dry and wet kiln system, we can help you bring it up to date.

Why we use LP cyclones

Our preheaters are all based on proven low pressure (LP) cyclones. The unique design of the LP cyclone gives you high thermal efficiency and low pressure drop, but it also offers you a flexible and space-saving layout.

LP cyclones have no horizontal surfaces on the inside for material to collect, which helps keep operation stable. The top stage is specially-designed to provide the lowest dust loss possible while maintaining a low pressure drop. And if you have an existing preheater, we can individually fit an LP cyclone just for you, without the investment of a new preheater system

Solid waste fuel for preheater calciner systems

More and more cement plants are burning alternative fuels, particularly solid waste, to achieve a variety of benefits.

Our ILC preheater calciner systems can integrate with our HOTDISC combustion device to achieve remarkable fuel flexibility with very little impact on process stability and performance. No need to shred lumpy waste material: our calciner system burns all types of solid waste in sizes up to 1.2 metres.

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