Key Benefits

  • High availability
  • No downtime due to snowmen
  • Optimal heat recuperation for lower operating costs
  • Low total cost of ownership

The simplest way to cut your clinker cooling costs

Our Cross-Bar Cooler takes clinker cooling technology to another level. Based on years of research, development and operational experience, it combines simple installation and low maintenance with advanced design to give you efficient clinker cooling and low operating costs, however demanding your operating environment.

High efficiency and low operating costs

The Cross-Bar Cooler’s self-adjusting Mechanical Flow Regulators (MFRs) control airflow across the whole clinker bed – irrespective of clinker bed height, particle size, distribution or temperature. This optimises heat recuperation and air distribution, reducing your fuel costs and meaning you need fewer cooling fans.

No more snowmen

The Cross-Bar Cooler comes with the ABC™ Cooler Inlet as standard, to eliminate snowmen and dead-zones – and maximise your uptime.

Enjoy high reliability and low maintenance

With few wear parts, the Cross-Bar Cooler is easy to maintain and economical to run. The bar and U-profile are easily accessible, and a protective layer of clinker ensures a long lifetime for the air distribution plates. All this means fast and predictable maintenance – for lower operating costs.

Fast, easy and cost-effective installation

To cut down your installation and civil costs, the Cross-Bar Cooler can be preassembled in the workshop. At the same time, its horizontal construction minimises installation height, meaning new installations require fewer civil works.

Looking to upgrade to the Cross-Bar Cooler? Simple.

If you want to eliminate bottlenecks, increase capacity, improve availability or just reduce your operating costs, an upgrade to the Cross-Bar Cooler is the perfect choice. Thanks to the Cross-Bar Cooler’s horizontal construction, you can upgrade without increasing overgrate or kiln hood velocity.

The modular Cross-Bar® cooler reduces installation time and costs


Simple to operate

  • No requirement for operator air flow regulation
  • No manual dampers
  • No internal piping or air beams
  • No sealing air fans

Simple to maintain

  • No moving grates
  • No clinker fall-through
  • No side seals
  • No spillage valves
  • No undergrate conveying system

Four great reasons to cool your clinker with the Cross-Bar Cooler

High availability
With its superior reliability, you can be confident that the Cross-Bar Cooler will keep your cement production running – with high capacity and lower expenses.
No downtime due to snowmen
If snowmen form in the cooler inlet, they have to be removed manually – which can mean significant downtime. The Cross-Bar Cooler’s ABC Cooler Inlet blasts air directly to the grates and clinker bed, where traditional blaster can’t reach. This eliminates snowmen and prevents dead-zones, meaning no more snowmen-enforced downtime.
Optimal heat recuperation for lower operating costs
The MFRs automatically controls airflow – without the need for manual control – to optimise heat recuperation and ensure even distribution of air throughout the cooler. This higher heat recuperation means a lower fuel consumption for the kiln system.
Low total cost of ownership
From its modular design through to its horizontal construction, everything about the FLSmidth Cross-Bar cooler has been designed to make installation and set-up as easy as possible. Once you are up and running, its high thermal efficiency, low power consumption and low maintenance ensure you benefit from low operating costs right from day one.

Low total cost of ownership with the Cross-Bar Cooler

Higher efficiency with self-adjusting mechanical flow regulators

Each air distribution plate in the Cross-Bar Cooler is equipped with an MFR to ensure continuous airflow regulation and optimise heat recuperation. If airflow through one area of the clinker layer changes, the MFR automatically compensates, without you needing to lift a finger.


Higher reliability with the stationary sealed grate line

The lack of movable grate plates means there is no clinker fall-through, so you don’t need an undergrate spillage conveying system or gap management. A static layer of clinker protects the air distribution plates against heat and wear – ensuring they last longer. All this means simpler operation, fewer wear parts and lower operating costs.

High thermal efficiency with separate clinker conveying and cooling systems

Unlike other cooler designs, the Cross-Bar Cooler separates the clinker conveying and air distribution systems. Reciprocating bars effectively convey, mix and shear the clinker within the cooler. As the bars gradually wear over time, there is no effect on cooler operation and thermal efficiency stays high.


Horizontal design for excellent clinker transportation

The Cross-Bar Cooler’s drive mechanism is designed to obtain optimal transport efficiency. Each lane of movable frames is operated by independent hydraulic cylinders and can be adjusted to accommodate diverse clinker bed conditions.


Modular design for fast, easy and cost-effective installation

The Cross-Bar Cooler’s modular design makes it ideal for both new plants and upgrades of existing coolers. The units are preassembled in the workshop to ensure swift and simple installation onsite.

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