Key Benefits

  • Permanently capture CO₂
  • Divert bypass dust from landfill
  • Revenue stream from manufactured products for construction
  • Seamless plant integration
  • Economically attractive method

Cost effective bypass dust management with permanent CO₂ capture

Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT), enables the safe and permanent storage of captured CO₂ in products for the construction industry, while diverting bypass dust from landfill.

ACT captures CO₂ directly from point source and uses it to treat cement production residues, including cement bypass dust. The CO₂ is permanently and safely stored in the form of products for the construction industry, including aggregate with applications in cement blocks, ready-mix concrete and more. The solution contributes to the decarbonization of your plant while valorizing the residues produced and saving the associated landfill costs. It is a circular decarbonization solution.                                                                                                                                                         
The technology comes as a modular, containerised solution – the CO₂ntainer. This is deployed directly onsite and can be integrated into the current cement production processes.

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