Rapid exhaust gas cooling solutions for your emissions control needs

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With your cement plant being subject to strict emissions standards, ensuring compliance is top priority

We are continually pushing the limits of what our gas conditioning solutions can achieve, ensuring they can offer you efficient operation and reduced power consumption when it comes to exhaust gas cooling.

Large amounts of hot, dust-laden exhaust gases are typically released from cement plant systems, such as the preheaters, kiln bypass systems and cooler vent systems. Such gases need to be cooled quickly to meet stringent emission requirements and reduce negative impacts on downstream equipment.

Some of the advantages of our gas cooling equipment for emissions control include:

  • Low initial investment and operating costs
  • Maximum uptime with excellent reliability
  • Efficient gas cooling
  • Low power consumption
  • Minimal maintenance demands
  • Long-life wear parts.

Tower above other gas coolers

Our exhaust gas conditioning towers use state-of-the art technology to give you efficient exhaust gas cooling. There are two technologies to choose from, both giving you years of reliable performance with a unique and fast-reacting automatic control system for your operating convenience. The high-water pressure one-phase nozzle system offers low power consumption, while the high-performance air-atomised water spray two-phase system offers more efficient cooling.

It’s a fair exchange

The technology behind our heat exchanger’s design is referred to air-to-air heat exchange. This simply describes using forced air to cool hot gases, or in this case, cooler excess gases in the tubes. Our air-to-air heat exchanger is an easy-to-install clinker cooler excess gas cooling solution.

The air-to-air heat exchanger’s small axial fans are energy efficient, saving on OPEX and ultimately reducing emissions. For efficient and reliable cement clinker excess air cooling, our air-to-air heat exchanger for gas cooling showcases smart technology with a modular design to fit your exhaust gas cooling needs and offers flexibility for ease of expansion.

For optimum emissions control using gas cooling technologies built to last, you can count on our equipment to keep your cement plant’s emissions in line with strict requirements.

We give you more

In addition to our innovative exhaust gas cooling equipment offering, we also supply spare parts, including wear parts. We also provide all aftersales services to help you get the most out of your exhaust gas cooling equipment throughout its lifetime. We have a long track record in delivering and servicing cement manufacturing equipment throughout the world. With our exhaust gas cooling equipment, you can confidently meet strict emissions requirements and reduce your plant’s total energy consumption.


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