Key Benefits

  • Automatic, trouble-free operation
  • Simple, low-cost solution
  • Proven and reliable

The Tech-Taylor Valve does the work - you just operate the pumps

In a process plant, standby pumps often operate in critical areas. In many instances, two or more pumps discharge into a common line leading to the next step in the process. Prior to the development of the TT Valve, this junction required a shutoff valve on each pump discharge line to prevent the fluid from flowing back through the inoperative pump.

The Tech-Taylor Valve performs these functions automatically, operating in any position, without any external energy source. It prevents the need for multiple knife gate valves and expensive rubber-lined piping components. The body of the TT Valve replaces the “Y” fitting formerly required for standby pumps, and is designed for maximum abrasion resistance and minimal pressure drop – making it a trouble-free addition to your piping system.


Designed for installation in equipment where there are two pumps operating in parallel, it allows either of the pumps to work individually, as well as simultaneously during the changeover.


The TT Valve has been proven since the mid 1960s. It was invented by a mining professional, specifically for the mining industry. Today, there is hardly a mining facility in the world that has not had some experience with the Tech-Taylor valve. It simply is the best answer available for pump isolation.

Krebs ball valve tech taylor section view

Your ideal valve solution for pump isolation

Automatic, trouble-free operation
The TT Valve is self-actuating, and requires no air or electricity for an external actuator to be interlocked with a pump motor starter. It is designed for maximum abrasion resistance and minimal pressure drop.
Simple, low-cost solution
Operating automatically in any orientation, the TT Valve is a simple solution for pump isolation. With no actuators or controls required, it is available at half the cost of a conventional system.
Proven and reliable
Trusted for more than 50 years, the TT Valve is used by nearly every mining company in the world.

Automatic simplicity for your standby pump isolation

Our well-established Tech-Taylor Valve is a self-actuated, two-way, check valve, specifically designed for isolation of duty and standby pumps. Head loss is very low: about 0.5 feet of slurry at 6 ft/sec. inlet velocity. Wear rates are proportional to the square of inlet velocity, so the use of a larger size can pay dividends.

The T2 series is designed for one operating pump and one standby pump.  All connected pumps may be operated simultaneously during changeovers.


TT Valves are available in sizes from 80 mm (3-in) to 250 mm (10-in) in cast bodies and 80 mm (3-in) to 750 mm (30-in) in fabricated bodies, with flanged or Victaulic connections, and pressure ratings of 150, 300, 450 and 600 psi. Lining materials can include pure gum rubber, chlorobutyl, neoprene and EPDM.

TT Valve features

  • Rugged construction, and proven abrasion-resistant
  • Low cost – 40% to 50% less costly than a traditional two-knife-gate/Y-lateral setup
  • Self-actuating – no air or electricity required
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Available in 150 – 600 PSIG ratings
  • Sizes fabricated from A36 Steel range from 80 mm (3-in) through 750 mm (30-in)
  • Sizes for cast ductile iron range from 80 mm (3-in) through 250 mm (10-in)
  • Hot vulcanised liners include pure gum rubber, chlorobutyl, neoprene and EPDM.
  • Can be supplied with Victaulic™ or flange fittings
  • Multiple drilling patterns available to meet your specifications

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