Key Benefits

  • Extended filter bag life
  • Superior filtration efficiency
  • Low OPEX

Fibreglass AFTm™ e-PTFE membrane bag with high flex fatigue resistance

Increasingly restrictive regulations on particulate emissions are forcing companies to operate and maintain their process filters close to the edge of existing technology.

But how do you achieve optimum performance in these conditions? Inevitably, costs go up and filtration efficiency comes down. Higher differential pressure and increased cleaning frequency result in reduced filter bag service life. It’s a technological challenge – but one we are ready to meet. 

PulseGuard™ is a new filter media that uses woven fiberglass laminated with AFTm™ e-PTFE membrane and tested in millions of filter bags over the last decade. The use of AFTm™ provides superior filtration efficiency with a surface structure sized to capture sub-micron particulate.
The membrane surface can retain a greater amount of particulate than any other filter media style,
while the inherent porosity allows a higher gas flow rate without increasing the overall differential pressure of the system. The low dust penetration into the media coupled with this ability to better shed dust from the media surface makes this filter medium the best choice in some of the most demanding applications.


PulseGuard™ was designed to address and limit the effects of flex fatigue, the cyclic bending of the fiber strands within the fiber bundles – a common problem with traditional woven fiberglass. Higher than normal differential pressure together with more frequent pulsing and elevated pulse pressure are the primary causes of flex fatigue, which shortens filter bag life. PulseGuard™’s increased tolerance to flex fatigue makes the filter fabric more durable without losing performance. It’s also an ideal solution in applications where the high A/C ration cannot be reduced. 

PulseGuard™: longer, stronger, better

Extended filter bag life
Thanks to its increase tolerance to flex fatigue, PulseGuard™ lasts longer without compromising on performance – either with differential pressure or emissions.
Super filtration efficiency

AFTm e-PTFE membrane has a surface structure sized to capture sub-micron particulates, giving superior filtration efficiency. It also allows a higher gas flow rate without increasing the overall differential pressure of the system.


High performance and long life contribute to the low operating cost and total cost of ownership of this ultra-efficient filter bag.


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