Advanced process control solutions for your operations

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Reach and retain peak productivity from your plant

We offer a range of process optimisation solutions designed to help you cut costs and lift production. With our APC solutions you will be able to increase the productivity of your equipment, while extending its operational life. You will quickly be on your way to a more efficient and profitable operation.


SAG Mill Advanced Process Control System

With LoadIQ and ECS/ProcessExpert you’ll be able to almost halve the frequency of critical impacts inside your mill. This will help protect and extend the life of your mill liner. ECS/ProcessExpert® constantly analyses the conditions inside the mill to ensure the maximum amount of energy is being used for the purpose you intended: ore reduction. By operating your mill more efficiently, you’ll be able to cut your energy usage by around six per cent.

ECS™ Unmanned and Optimised Equipment Operation

BulkExpert™ is a unique, patented bulk handling solution that will help you to lift output and increase safety while reducing costs. We’ve equipped the system with the most advanced automation technologies on the market to ensure it is a profitable, fully-automated system that will deliver greater efficiency to your business. This system is already lowering cost tonnes and increasing returns for major dry bulk terminals in Europe, the Americas and Australia.



ECS™ Advanced Process Control

Our ECS/ProcessExpert® Advanced Process Control Software will reduce energy consumption and lift production in both minerals and cement operations. We’ve designed this software to constantly monitor conditions inside your kiln, crusher or mill, making small but frequent adjustments to ensure your operations are working as efficiently as possible. This will reduce your energy costs by around six per cent while lifting productivity by a similar amount, though some customers have reported significantly higher gains, sometimes in the double-digits.




SmartCyclone™ is our automated monitoring and control solution for reducing your cyclone-related process upsets. It improves cyclone overflow particle size distribution and predicts and controls your cyclone maintenance schedules. This means less process downtime and reduced variation in flotation feed, resulting in improved mineral recovery.

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