Key Benefits

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Optimise productivity
  • Decrease process and quality variability
  • Minimise downtime, equipment wear and maintenance costs

Advanced Process Control Software for the cement and mining industries

After decades of supporting the global cement and minerals industries, we know how much of a drain high energy costs can be on your business. We also understand the competitive landscape means you need to be constantly looking for ways to lift productivity and get an edge over your competition. Our ECS/ProcessExpert software was specially designed with the needs of your business in mind.

What can ECS/ProcessExpert do for my business?

We’ve used our deep understanding of cement and minerals operations to develop software that will allow you to both cut energy costs and lift profits while also protecting and extending the life of your equipment. The key to all this is efficiency. ECS/ProcessExpert constantly monitors conditions inside your kiln, crusher or mill and makes small but frequent adjustments to ensure your operations are working as efficiently as possible. The software aims to reduce energy usage by around six per cent while lifting productivity by a similar amount, though some customers have reported significantly higher gains, sometimes in the double-digits.


The ultimate assistant

ECS/ProcessExpert is designed to help you optimise your plant to achieve maximum efficiency and higher profitability. In many ways, it’s the ultimate assistant, managing and correcting process disruptions to minimise wear on equipment. Our software adjusts the performance of your plant and equipment more frequently and reliably than can be achieved through manual intervention and will deliver superior results for your business.

Designed specially for the cement and minerals industries

We understand the challenges facing both the cement and minerals industries. There is a push to do more with less. For cement manufacturers, it is vital that your business operates efficiently to keep costs down. And for minerals processing operations, the complex mineralogy, combined with remote locations and a global scarcity of experienced, qualified staff make cost control more important than ever. ECS/ProcessExpert is made with those challenges in mind. It’s an easy-to-operate solution that will allow you to almost immediately lift the productivity of your plant and equipment.

Cut costs, lift output with our Advanced Process Control Software

We’ve built ECS/ProcessExpert to help increase your productivity by reducing costs and lifting output. Our software will quickly have you producing more with less.

Cut energy costs
ECS/ProcessExpert will constantly adjust the settings of your kiln or mill to ensure it is always operating as efficiently as possible. That means you’ll be saving money on energy without crimping output.
Lift productivity
In fact, by ensuring your plant is operating efficiently, you’ll actually be able to increase production. Higher production and lower costs will quickly have you on the path to greater productivity.
Protect equipment
Running your plant under less-than-optimum conditions will take a toll on your equipment, reducing the life of assets and potentially resulting in costly downtime. By ensuring your operations are running efficiently, ECS/ProcessExpert will reduce wear on your assets.

APC Software developed by process experts and equipment engineers

ECS/ProcessExpert is packed with technologically advanced features to lift the performance of your operations. With our software you can be confident your plant and equipment are working to their best capacity, no matter what the conditions. And you’ll have the support of our remote team of experts to make sure our system is working as you need it to.

Immediately respond to conditions

We’ve designed ECS/ProcessExpert to constantly monitor conditions inside your kiln, crusher or mill. When conditions changed as they do frequently, our software will respond to ensure your plant and equipment are operating as smoothly as possible.


Multiple applications

Our software is designed to be adaptable to the needs of your business. It can be applied to a wide range of equipment, including kilns, ball mills and vertical roller mills as well as grinding and flotation circuits.


Optimisation and upset control

Our software initially operates in a normal control mode to stabilise your equipment using a range of calculated key performance indicators. Once stability has been achieved, our software will start to work on optimising control to ensure your plant is working as close as possible to the limits. And in the event of upset conditions, like a fall of coating in the kiln, our software will quickly adjust conditions to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery.

Remote monitoring

When you purchase ECS/ProcessExpert you’ll have the ongoing support of our remote monitoring services team. Our team of technical experts will be available to help troubleshoot and tune the system remotely to improve its performance and ensure its longevity.

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