Key Benefits

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX
  • Frees up space

The unique functionality of the E-Cat

Thickeners and clarifiers are essential elements of a highly profitable and productive operation. Unfortunately, they can have a lot of moving parts and be hard to maintain. They also take up a lot of space and can be costly to run. The E-Cat solves all these issues. It’s one powerful machine that handles both clarifying and thickening.


No moving parts makes maintenance a breeze. And a compact design with clarification and thickening all in one machine means you’ll have more room to work with, keeping your plant more open, accessible, and safe.


Lower operating cost sets the E-Cat apart. Add to that low flocculant consumption, and you have a machine that can really take your operation to the next level. In addition to all this, we offer our personalised expertise to guide you through every step of the installation and maintenance process. Your success is our priority. This is just one of the many sustainable productivity solutions we provide.

What the E-Cat Clarifier can do for you

Get the benefits of a high quality thickener and clarifier, all in one application. The E-Cat Ultra-high-rate Clarifier does it all. With its smart rakeless design, the E-Cat Clarifier is the low-profile singular machine that both thickens and clarifies.

Low maintenance cost

With no moving parts, maintenance costs are low.


The E-Cat Clarifier handles the job of both a clarifier and thickener, all for a lower capital cost than conventional thickeners. The clarifier also has a low cost to operate.

Frees up space

Do the work of two machines, but only take up the space of one. This Clarifier requires a much smaller area, giving you space to keep your operation tidy and uncrowded.

The technology behind the E-Cat

The E-Cat is an ultra-high-rate clarifier built to tackle tough jobs. It’s an all-in-one thickening and clarifying solution that’s been expertly engineered. Subjected to the most rigorous design specifications, it is durable yet also simple to use. Since there are no moving parts, the E-Cat requires less maintenance. This means less downtime and more profits.


Reliability is key. We have several decades of experience, and our machines have proven time and again to outlast. Safety is another top priority. Our machines are known for their safety and intuitive design.


Beyond the right equipment, you need the right team on your side helping you every step of the way. That’s what you get with FLSmidth. We are your partner in sustainable productivity. We’ll make sure your operation is running at peak efficiency and ensure your equipment is installed and maintained. Lean on our expertise as we help you rise to new levels of productivity with a thickener and clarifier that outshines the rest.


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