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As mines continue to expand and fuel prices climb, mining companies are increasingly looking to control costs and improve ways of getting the ore out of the mine and to the processing plant. Traditionally, shovels and trucks have always been used to transport the extracted rock to the crushing stations. Now, with in-pit crushing and conveying (IPCC), the ore can be taken directly into a crusher and then fed to conveyors to be carried to the next section of processing equipment, bypassing the need for so many trucks to haul the material over large distances to a crushing station.


Our IPCC technologies and solutions are uniquely engineered to offer many advantages over loading and driving trucks out of the pit to the crusher. 


Portable Stacking Conveyors are based on a modular concept that greatly facilitates relocation or expansion of conveyors as the mine develops. Our systems expedite and optimise the process of material removal, redistribution and stacking.


Typically, with a portable stacker system, a string of portable conveyors feeds a stacker. Individual portable conveyors are inserted or removed from the string as stacking progresses.


Tire-mounted Portable Conveyors can be moved by another vehicle, such as a transporter or bulldozer. Track-mounted Conveyors will move under their own power. The standard Portable Conveyor is moved by towing or pushing on the tail end. Lift points, suitable for a forklift, are included at the head and tail ends for final adjustment once the conveyor is moved into position.


Our extensive experience, combined with dynamic analysis software, horizontal and vertical curve analysis software, higher belt tension ratings, and higher idler load ratings, allow our engineers to successfully design and build conveying systems that will lower your cost of doing business.


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