Key Benefits

  • Reduces dust and noise
  • Cost-effective and reliable
  • Secures materials and protects the environment
  • Ideal for use in difficult topography

Cost-efficient and dependable material handling, even in challenging topography

A smart solution in long-distance bulk material transport

We know the many challenges you face when transporting bulk material, and that you need to convey material efficiently and safely from point to point. Whether it’s tight curves; large angles of inclination; rough, broken or hilly terrain; or restricted operating spaces, we have engineered our pipe conveyors to secure your materials and protect the environment, thanks to their distinctive dust-and noise-controlled design. 


A total cost-effective solution

If you want to connect your mine or port to your plant for raw material, plant to port for finished product, or from plant to mines for waste disposal through the same conveyor, this is your answer. If you are upgrading an existing brownfield plant and have space constraints or are looking to tackle spillage from minerals handling conveyor systems, our pipe conveyors provide a cost-effective solution. In turn, maintenance and operating costs are also lowered.



Minimum space requirements

Our pipe conveyors require up to only 60 per cent of the space of conventional systems and ensure reliable long-distance transportation. They have a smaller footprint compared with troughed conveyors, and one pipe conveyor can replace several conventional belt conveyors.



How does it work?

In the material loading area, the conveying belt is still open when the material loads onto the belt, but over a length of several metres, the belt closes and is forced by special devices into a tubular form. The belt then forms an enclosed pipe which travels the entire conveying line before opening up at the discharge end.




The adaptable belt pipe design allows directional changes without the need for additional transfer stations. Its curves can be either horizontal or vertical, or a combination of both. The belt opens on its own before reaching the material discharging point. Following the material discharge, the belt on the lower strand is closed again on its return. This eliminates spilt material over the entire pipe conveyor line and has the advantage that the carrying (dirty) side of the belt is once again inside the tube.


Suitable for a wide range of bulk materials and industries

Our pipe conveyors transport these materials and more:

  • Limestone
  • Wet and fly ash
  • Coal and substitute fuels from recycled industrial waste
  • Wood chips and straw material
  • Pellets
  • Filtered slurries and biomass
  • Coarse overburden
  • Fine powder such as alumina or cement
  • Copper concentrate
  • Iron ore.


Our pipe conveyors handle conveying tasks in mines, ports, power plants, lime mills, cement plants, paper production industries, particle board, synthetic fibre industries, and smelting plants.


They are suitable for tunnelling projects, the removal of earth and rocks, and temporary installations (even hinged at the tunnel ceiling). The small vertical and horizontal radii allow easy adaption to the tunnel structure. Tunnel width can be reduced, as our system is narrower than conventional conveying systems, and the design allows for the option of one side-walkway for maintenance access rather than walkways on both sides.



After-sales support

We offer an unequalled complete lifecycle solution and after-sales service, supplementary components, specialist software and extensive databanks. Because we maintain an association with well-known international research institutes, we can continue ensuring we offer you any available upgrades and the best technology available on the market.

Transport bulk materials with environmentally friendly enclosed pipe conveyors

Reduces dust and noise
Our pipe conveyor forms an enclosed system just a short distance from the loading zone, meaning dust-controlled transportation along the conveyor once the belt is closed. With the material being enclosed for 98 per cent of the conveying length, there is reduced damage to rollers, resulting in decreased noise emissions. Dust and noise issues are further reduced by the ability to transport material without the need for transfer points.
Cost-effective and reliable
Substantial savings are offered within limited spatial requirements as our pipe conveyors eliminate the need for high-cost and maintenance-intensive transfer stations. They integrate optimally into existing plants and minimise conveying distances regardless of the landscape parameters. We have installed over 300 pipe conveyor systems worldwide and our many satisfied and returning customers are a testament to their reliability.
Secures materials and protects the environment
We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously, with our enclosed pipe conveyors reducing our CO2 footprint by replacing haul trucks (and their associated exhaust and noise emissions). The spill-free conveyors allow transportation over roads, tracks, waterways, or open seas, through existing plants, over public streets, and in virtually any environmentally-protected zone without contaminating the environment or the transported material.
Suited for use in difficult topography
The innovative design easily handles long distances and problematic topographic areas, including uphill and downhill conveying, and horizontal, vertical and even 3D curvatures. They can convey at an angle from approximately 20 to 50 per cent higher than a troughed conveyor. We customise the design to incorporate your complex needs. 

Forward-thinking technology, operationally tested results

Our pipe conveyors incorporate innovative design features that are adaptive to your operational requirements and protect your materials for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Patented features and additional bonuses

Patented features include:


  • Advanced belt rotation monitoring system to ensure that our pipe conveyor is not damaged because of uncontrolled rotation.
  • If you’re operating a two-way conveying system, an ingenious pretzel arrangement of the crossing of the carry and return lines simplifies discharge end design and improves overall layout.
  • Smart roller holding brackets that ensure ease of installation and maintenance.


Additional reasons why you should consider our pipe conveyors:


  • Innovative safety element to ensure our pipe conveyor is not damaged because of oversized load or overfilling – in the case of overfilling, the upper part will be lifted, and an electrical switch will be activated to immediately stop the conveyor.
  • World-class belt quality assurance, ensuring this critical component runs trouble-free. We utilise an in-house test rig to check for fatigue in the belt (lack of rigidity) and inspection reports and belt samples are always available to ensure the belt meets your requirements.
  • Adjustable idlers are cleverly designed so they provide a flat platform to carry out belt splicing in the pipe forming/opening zones on the carry side.
  • DEM analysis of the transfer chute design to ensure correct material flow.

Pipe Conveyor Profile Monitoring System

FLSmidth Mining

To ensure your FLSmidth pipe conveyor runs smoothly and safely, we offer this patented safety device for monitoring the belt rotation, as undetected conveyor belt rotation can lead to:


  • The possibility of accidents, compromising operator safety
  • Damage to infrastructure and equipment
  • Long downtimes
  • Long sections of the belt needing to be replaced.


If the carrying belt profile exceeds the allowable limits, there’s the possibility of the pipe entering the discharge pulley without opening, causing damage to the belt.

We have designed and patented the application of utilising “Light Detecting and Ranging – LIDAR” technology, whereby sensors will sense pipe rotation and downstream adjustable panels will correct the rotation. A further set of sensors after the adjustable panel will monitor if the excessive rotation has been corrected. If the rotation is too severe and cannot be controlled then the system will issue a warning and stop the conveyor, preventing potential damage and injury.



This monitoring system ensures:


  • Increased belt life
  • Increased safety
  • Minimised downtime
  • Maximised efficiency.


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