Key Benefits

  • Increased alternative fuels substitution
  • Lower production and maintenance costs
  • Improved equipment performance
  • Consistent and reliable feeding, guaranteed

Rotor Weighfeeder upgrades that lower costs and increase efficiency

When it comes to performance, consistent and reliable dosing is crucial. But it’s not the only factor affecting your process – inefficiencies have a big part to play. That’s why we continue to work on upgrades to our DRW Rotor Weighfeeder, which is now available with a series of optional enhancements to optimise performance.

Four new developments offer the potential to increase the performance and reliability of your dosing equipment. Interested in ways to optimise your dosing process ? Send your request to

Smart Aeration – easy flow with less air

There’s no doubt that aeration assists flow. That’s why we inject air into the prehopper or silo: to help material move more easily. The conventional approach is to inject air at fixed intervals using default settings. For prehoppers, that meant a 3-second pulse followed by a 9-second pause. For silos it was a 3-second pulse and a 12-second pause. These fixed settings will reliably move the material – but sometimes, too much air was being used. Sometimes, not enough.


With the Smart Aeration system from FLSmidth PFISTER®, aeration is informed by the apparent flow rate of the application. The system monitors the flow of material every 10 minutes and adjust the length of the pause by +/- 10 seconds according to requirements. When the highest level of aeration is required, the series will be a 4-second pulse followed by a 10-second pause. The lowest level of aeration will be a 3-second pulse followed by a 120-second pause. Whatever the required aeration level, the input of air will never be higher than with the old system of fixed intervals.


Apart from the improved flow behaviour, this system also has other benefits:

  • Up to 90% less air consumption, with accompanying cost benefits
  • Decreased risk of coal self-ignition
  • Increased lifetime of sinter plates at the prehopper and silo


FEEDflex™: A low-cost solution to drastically reducing coal use while increasing AF. Paving the way to MISSION ZERO

PFISTER® FEEDflex is part of our strategy to support customers’ sustainability targets. It enables you to dose very small quantities of pulverized fuel pulsation-free down to 60 kg/h and without CO spikes. 

This solution doesn’t affect the maximum feed rate your DRW feeder currently achieves. You can still use it up to its maximum capacity as required in the kiln start-up. 

This small upgrade can have a significant impact. Adding FEEDflex techology to your Pfister® DRW Rotor Weighfeeder enables you to operate with very low coal feed rates (in the range of 1:100 pulsation free dosing) while increasing your use of low-cost, environmentally friendly alternative fuels. The investment pays off in a very short time.  Get the brochure here

AutoGAP 2.0: Increase productivity and reliability, reduce maintenance and wear - all by simply controlling the gap witdth

The gap width of your PFISTER® DRW rotor weighfeeder has the potential to make or break your operations. Too small and you risk blockages. Too large and feeding accuracy is impeded – not to mention the increased wear that threatens equipment life. The gap width has to be just right.

The PFISTER® AutoGAP 2.0 eliminates the need for trial and error. It automatically adjusts and controls the upper gap width, ensuring the best possible performance of your DRW rotor weighfeeder. Three distance sensors measure and adjust the gap between the upper and lower housing during feeder operation. The motor current is also monitored constantly to support the quick-open function.

You can opt for this system to be supplied with Wi-Fi dashboard to monitor equipment performance, including motor current, speed, GAP position, and to set new parameters on your Smartphone. Get your brochure here

Your predictive maintenance becomes far easier – particularly when the system is used in combination with the Pfister® Wear Index

Central Stirrer upgrade for pre-hopper

The new accordion stirrer optimizes the pneumatic conveying of the coal dosing process and ensures a stable material flow from the coal silo to the dosing point at the kiln or calciner.

Kit of sealing plates gasket for easy and safe substitution of process fluids
Chemical consumables like the process fluids are required in the cement industry and its production equipment. But with the new PFISTER sealing plates gaskets the replacement is easier and faster. No mix-up of improper sealing material and no mistakes during the removal. 

Pfister e-catalog

Spare parts eCatalogue for PFISTER rotor weighfeeders

Simplify spare parts ordering for PFISTER DRW, TRW/SD and FRW rotor weighfeeders.  When your production is on the line,you don’t want to deal with complicated spare parts ordering systems. Which is why we’ve simplified the process for PFISTER rotor weighfeeders with the PFISTER weighfeeder spare parts eCatalogue

Schwenk Zement KG achieves flexible solid fuel dosing with  FEEDflex™

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