Key Benefits

  • Consistent material dosing
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Compact, robust machinery
  • High flexibility in terms of length, width and feeding range
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Smart Linear Feeder with smart dosing control

The highly flexible PFISTER® SLF belt weighfeeder can be used for a wide variety of materials. Fine, coarse or sticky – whatever you need to feed, at rates from a few hundred kg/h up to 1500 t/h. 

This continuous gravimetric dosing system has the reliability factor of the PFISTER® rotor weighfeeders, but this is a linear system where weighing takes place on the belt. Just like the rotor weighfeeders, it’s built to withstand the harsh environment of an industrial processing plant.
The wear-resistant design ensures high availability while the patented integrated control – PFISTER® SDD-Control – guarantees easy operation. It can be designed for extreme hot and cold environmental temperatures.

Smart and linear – giving you more control over all your dosing need

Flexible modular design

  • Belt widths from 650-2000 mm
  • Feeder lengths from 2500-10000 mm
  • Maximum material of density 2.5 t/m³ 



The Smart Dosing Drive is our patented dosing control system, integrated in motor-mounted frequency inverter. Making your dosing control accurate and easy for all applications.

With the dosing and drive control integrated into the motor-mounted frequency inverter (VFD) you get reliable control with no additional control cabinet, reducing the complexity of the system. Fewer electrical parts mean fewer spare parts needed!

The dosing control and accuracy you need in a Smart Linear Feeder

The PFISTER® Smart Linear Feeder can be used across your plant for continuous and gravimetric dosing of fine, coarse or sticky materials like limestone, sand, gypsum, clay, iron ore, and clinker. Capacity ranges from a few hundred kg/h up to 1500 t/h. It is available in a choice of lengths, widths and capacities to suit your specific application needs.


The unique PFISTER® SDD-Control provides precise integrated control within the frequency inverter without a separate cabinet or control box needed. The SDD-Control system connects the feeder directly to your plant control system, providing accurate dosing control without the need for additional equipment.


The Smart Linear Feeder complies with the relevant EC directives:

  • 2006/42/EC (Machine directive)
  • 2014/35/EU (Low-voltage directive)
  • 2014/30/EU (Electromagnetic compatibility)


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