Innovative manual and automated options to suit your XRF and XRD applications

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Advanced technology for consistent XRF and XRD sample preparation

We know that dependable analysis relies on consistent sample preparation. Whatever your requirements, our range of pressing and fusing units control sample quality at every stage to give you representative, repeatable samples and precise analysis.


Our QCX dosing, cleaning and fusing units accurately prepare fused bead samples, with automated technology precisely dosing and weighing the flux and sample.


The practical Essa XRF140 XRF Press and convenient QCX PAL-P40M Manual XRF Press ensure sample reliability with fully adjustable pre-set press cycles.


And the innovative ‘soft pressing’ technology of the QCX ASP100 Automated Soft Press is specifically designed to handle a variety of materials while limiting bias caused by the preferred orientation of mineral phases.


For an all-in-one option, the QCX Centaurus is a compact and convenient unit consisting of an automatic fine grinding mill and pellet press in a single unit.


All of our units are easy and safe to use, and especially designed to improve efficiency in your laboratory. Whether you select a manual or fully automatic QCX device, you’ll find the digital controls and touch screens make it simple to run. These high-output machines feature a range of automated functions that cut back on time-consuming manual tasks, leaving your laboratory analysts free to perform more meaningful work.


The safety of your workers is a priority for you, and for us, too. Our machines are fitted with safety features like auto-stop mechanisms, and protective shields to prevent injury from debris. Good, ergonomic design is at the heart of what we do. So you can focus on results, safe in the knowledge that the comfort and wellbeing of your staff is in hand.


Essa XRF140 XRF Press

Not all minerals laboratories are the same. That’s why we made the Essa XRF140 XRF Press with a unique two-part design, flexible enough for any laboratory size or set up. It has a freestanding, bench-mounted press, and a separate 240 volt, single-phase, electro-hydraulic power pack that can be stowed under the bench. The XRF140 dependably prepares samples for x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis with an adjustable pressing capacity of between two and 40 tonnes.


QCX ASP100 Automated Soft Press

To meet the challenges of pressing materials such as clays and micas for XRD analysis, we developed the QCX ASP100 Automated Soft Press. Its innovative soft pressing technology can press samples at pressures below 5.8 N/mm2. This limits the preferred orientation of mineral phases that disproportionately bias the signal and cause errors.


QCX Centaurus Combined Mill and Press

If you are looking for efficiency in your set up, the QCX Centaurus is an all-in-one automated machine that both grinds and presses samples for x-ray analysis. It consists of an automatic fine grinding mill and an automatic pellet press in one compact, easy-to-operate unit.

Enhanced sample preparation

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