Key Benefits

  • Superior precision and accuracy
  • Customisable parameters for improved control
  • Simple, safe, convenient and ergonomic to operate
  • Powerful heating technology for excellent temperature 
  • Integrated load cells with combined processes

Multi-Temperature TGAs that offer outstanding data determination

At your sample preparation and analysis laboratory, it is vital that your thermogravimetric analysers (TGAs) provide you with fast, consistent and reliable sample data. 

Our range of Multi-Temperature TGAs are the superior alternative to using standard laboratory ovens or furnaces for thermogravimetric analysis.


They utilise integrated load cells, which combine drying, ashing and weighing processes, to drastically improve productivity, precision, and sample throughput.


They have the capability to determine a wide range of data, including moisture content, loss or gain of ignition, loss of volatiles, oxidation, pyrolysis, plasticiser loss, and ash content.


They are suitable for use with materials including ores, coal, coke, cement, lime, polymers, adhesives, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paper, tobacco and organic samples.


One position in the carousel is usually allocated to a reference crucible, which is weighed during the process along with the samples. The weight of the reference crucible is used to compensate for weight loss/gain in the crucible during heating, allowing for more accurate analysis.


Our TGAs provide you with real-time data, based on the parameters being analysed. PC software used with these systems aims to clearly show data, using graphical displays. Exporting the data to either Excel or CSV is also made simple.


We offer two Multi-Temperature TGAs:


  • Apollo Thermogravimetric Analyser – this semi-automated highly capable benchtop unit can accommodate 23 samples of up to 5 g, or sample masses up to 70 g the 12-position carousel to temperatures up to 1000°C.


  • Apollo L Thermogravimetric Analyser – identical in most aspects to our Apollo, this analyser accommodates up to 19 samples of 5 g each and features a second carousel which holds lids for the sample crucibles – the lids can be automatically removed during the analytical process.


TGA analysis that offers accuracy and efficiency

With our Apollo and Apollo L Multi-Temperature TGAs, we provide methods of data gathering that are precise and efficient, and suitable to all your needs.

Superior precision and accuracy
They have been designed with a range of innovative technology that provide you with precise measurements in real-time. Their system has many automated procedures that it follows throughout the process, from weighing the starting mass to monitoring gas introduction, and feeds the information gathered directly to the operator. This promises accurate and reliable data analysis.
Customisable parameters for improved control
Our analysers come with numerous parameters that can be customised, based on the requirements of your laboratory and the type of analysis data that you wish to gather. Variables such as heating rates, cooling rates and duration of analysis can all be modified, offering you a flexible method of analysis.
Simple, safe, convenient and ergonomic to operate
Both of our Multi-Temperature TGAs are simple, safe, convenient and ergonomic. The Apollo L has an added feature that allows for the automatic placement and removal of sample lids. It allows you to remove the lids at any time and speeds up the process as no manual interaction with the lids by the operator is required.
Powerful heating technology for excellent temperature stability
High power heating elements are used in both models for quick temperature ramping and effective temperature stabilisation. Three thermocouples are used to ensure safety, precision, and accuracy.
Integrated load cells with combined drying, ashing and weighing processes
This smart capability leads to faster and more accurate sample processing, and less sample handling by operators. This minimises the risk of sample contamination and leaves operators available to perform more important tasks in the laboratory.

Features that promise more accurate results

Flexible and durable carousels

Our Apollo TGA is a highly capable benchtop unit that can accommodate 24 samples of up to five grams at a time. Larger crucibles can also be used for sample masses up to 70g, with appropriate carousels holding fewer samples. The standard 24-position carousel allows for higher sample throughput rates. It is made from silicon carbide (SiC), which offers superior resistance to chemical attack and warping at high temperatures.


Smart connectivity

Our innovative TGAs can be controlled with ControlTrack PC software, via the use of a mobile phone, tablet or PC. This means that you can monitor and operate the equipment from a distance. For further efficiency, up to six units can be monitored through a single console. LIMS integration can also be used, with an online manual and online diagnostic system for remote support.


Precise weighing cell

Insulated weighing cells are utilised to isolate the weighing process from the heat and atmosphere. Robust and accurate mass determination is achieved via the use of a high precision load cell, which is accurate to 0.1mg.


Easy maintenance

Our TGAs has been designed with user-friendly maintenance in mind, allowing for quick and easy access to all parts for inspection and replacement.


Apollo Thermogravimetric Analyser

The Apollo is our semi-automated multi-temperature TGA with manual loading of the samples. It starts from ambient temperature and performs all sample weighing and recording of results automatically.

It is designed for speed, precision and accuracy while ensuring maximum operator safety and ergonomics. The temperature can be set at up to 1000 degrees with user-customisable heating programs allowing the creation of standardised operating procedures. 

Apollo L Thermogravimetric Analyser

As a variant of the standard Apollo TGA, our Apollo L has been designed with a second carousel, which holds lids for the sample crucibles. It accommodates up to 20 samples of five grams each and can heat them up to 1000 degrees in a user-defined atmosphere.

The double carousel allows your operator to set up predefined methods and select when in the cycle to lift the lids or when in the cycle to lower the lids, sealing the crucibles. Therefore, this TGA is particularly suited for use when handling volatile matter.


Please note: (Apollo L Thermogravimetric Analyser) not available in USA 

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